Discount Management

Looking for easy Discount Management?

Discount Management is a vital part of effective financial supply chain management in the beverage business. It's also an important tool that enables your sales office to submit sales orders that are calculated fully automatically, based on discount agreements.

How does Discount Management help you?

Discount Management helps you to efficiently handle everything from one-off and temporary discounts, to permanent discounts or promotions for customer groups or specific customers. It also lets you track the results of your discounts and your promotional activities. Efficient discount management also enables the accurate calculation of, for example, stock of free goods, invoicing, accounting and more. These capabilities should be standard functionality in any modern beverage business solution.

How Drink-IT takes the hassle out of Discount Management

The Drink-IT beverage business solution includes Discount Management as a standard functionality. State-of-the-art Discount Management makes it easy to overview and handle all discounts.


  • Handle multiple simultaneous discounts and promotions
  • Integrated with sales and purchase
  • Discounts can be calculated by any parameter
  • Discount per amount, percentage, volume, item, group, order or period
  • Periodic rebates with automatic credit notes and accruals
  • Handle free items and automatic promotions
  • Detailed logging for analysis purpose


Discount Management is fully integrated in Drink-IT Finance & Tax Management

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A sophisticated beverage business solution doesn’t have to be complicated. At Drink-IT, we believe in keeping it simple, with a not-so-simple purpose: To help you transform your beverage business, stay ahead of the game, save time and money and grow without any IT hassle. Explore how Drink-IT meets your needs and how it helps your beverage company run better.

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