Looking for EDI that is easy to use and integrate?

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, enables digital business systems from one company to “talk” to digital systems of another company and automatically exchange data. EDI reduces errors, delays and the cost of document exchanges by digitising and standardising - typically invoices and purchase orders. EDI is the standard for how successful beverage companies embrace supply chain efficiency and data accuracy.

Why does it matter?

As a significant concern for the beverage business, out-of-the-box EDI capabilities should be a standard capability in any modern beverage business solution. EDI provides several immediate advantages for any size beverage company when exchanging all kinds of documents. These include sales orders, dispatch advice, sales invoices and purchase orders, and item and picking confirmation with customers, suppliers and strategic partners such as distribution companies.

How Drink-IT takes the hassle out of EDI

The Drink-IT beverage business solution offers standard EDI functionality. This means the easy exchange of digital documents, established industry standards and best practices. Drink-IT's EDI capabilities enable you to create faster, more accurate and cost-reducing ordering and invoicing processes and realise benefits such as:


  • Lower costs by minimising manual administration
  • Improved cash flow by greatly reducing turnaround on outstanding account receivables
  • Increased inventory control through reduced lead-time to process an order
  • Reduced costs by cutting the number of hours involved in invoicing processing
  • Save time and money through optimised shipping planning


EDI is fully integrated in Drink-IT Finance & Tax Management. 

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A sophisticated beverage business solution doesn’t have to be complicated. At Drink-IT, we believe in keeping it simple, with a not-so-simple purpose: To help you transform your beverage business, stay ahead of the game, save time and money and grow without any IT hassle. Explore how Drink-IT meets your needs and how it helps your beverage company run better.

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