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10 success stories from leading breweries - Learn how your peers made beverage a better business with IT

For decades, the thirst for beer seemed unquenchable. Now that consumption has stalled, breweries must come up with new strategies for growth.

Learn how breweries like Mack, Carlsberg, Weihenstephan, Schwarzbrau, Brouwerij De Brabandere and others made beverage a better business facing business challenges like Mergers & Acquisitions,  Subsidiary efficiency, Financial overview, Operational excellence, Cost reduction, Elimination of manual processes, Better decision making, Business transparency, Increased efficiency and more...

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Simplify and automate your beverage business by tapping into Drink-IT

Reinventing the wheel might not be a good idea when it comes to your future business management solution. To run your beverage business like the best, tap in to a beverage management solutions built on best practises from the beverage industry. This webinar outlines the benefits of Drink-IT and why it is the pinnacle of solutions built for the beverage industry.

Attend the webinar and get clear and valuable insight on how the Drink-IT beverage management solution helps enhancing your business performance.

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Learn from the best: Understand how the Mack Brewery transformed into an international state-of-the-art beverage company

Many breweries are looking for new ways to overcome current challenges such as falling consumer demands, increasing competitive products, heightened requirements by retailers and consumers, and tougher market conditions. Are you there yet? The Mack Brewery is, standing stronger than ever.

Join this webinar to learn how Mack Brewery made beverage a better business despite the challenging market situation. Peter Calleeuw, Supply Director, Mack Brewery, will share his insights and take you behind the scenes of the concerns and decisions that have led to Mack´s remarkable success.

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10 things to consider before choosing a new ERP beverage solution

Does your ERP platform empower your beverage business, or is it holding it back? The potential rewards of running your business on a state-of-the-art ERP system are huge, but when is the time to expand or replace your current solution? And how do you avoid the selection of the right ERP solution becoming an overwhelming task?

Attend the webinar, and discover 10 essential tips for choosing the right ERP solution for your beverage company.

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