Contract Management

Closing a contract isn’t the end of a process, it’s the start. The start of ensuring that each contract delivers the business you expect for your beverage company. Drink-IT ‘contract management’ enables you to manage everything from blanket contracts and subcontracts for each type of contract (loan, ongoing loan, ren and more), to volume commitments and contact information.

The frame agreement can include:

  • Rent contracts.
  • Loan contracts, with pay back by cash or discounts.
  • Contracts for miscella- neous periodic invoices (delivery rights, ...).
  • Loan in use contracts.
  • Maintenance contracts – for the creation of periodic service orders for mainte- nance or the cleaning of the pipes.
  • By using ‘finance contracts’ or ‘service contracts’.
  • Follow-up of volume commitment compared to the agreement.
  • Contract discounts can be approved when volume commitments have been met.
  • Easy follow-up of actual vs. budget volume sold.
  • Handling indirect sales.

Customer Document Management

Where Drink-IT Tax Manage-ment offers you all possibilities to calculate excises, Drink-IT Custom Document Management extends this to support your duty suspended excise movement, like to the EU Excise Movement & Control System (EMCS). A computerised system of the European Union for monitoring movements of excisable goods under suspension of duty within the EU.

  • Excise movement and control system.
  • Each movement of goods is accompanied by ARC.
  • Communication from the consignor to the consignee by the member states administrations.
  • Supported countries: BE, UK, NL, DE(*).
  • Logistic movements & full inventory management for goods under suspension are aligned with the requirements of the e-AD.

Event Management

Keep a solid overview of event-related orders, such as products sold at an event or giveaways. ‘Event Management’ integrates with ‘Advanced Sales Management’. It also makes it easy to plan equipment loans with your orders and optimise equipment uses during high season.

  • Control event returns of your loan in use items, empty goods and allowed full goods. An event may be delivered and returned in multiple drives, ending up with a clean event invoice.
  • On the availability of loan in use items (like draught installations and fridges in the coming months ahead)
  • Create lines for the items to ship. Make soft and hard reservations on the loan in use items Special conditions for bever- age and food products can be in place, like free or special priced products and services.
  • Create Purchase Orders and Purchase Return Orders for the Event
  • Register expenses on the event and report a P&L on the event. Drink-IT Event management enables that.
  • Event routes.

Advanced Online Warehouse Management

Advanced Online Warehouse Management is an advanced level of Online Warehouse Management linked to Advanced Warehouse Management. It is about coping with everyday work in a warehouse, from receiving, over production to shipments using License Plate Management, multiple shipping bins, picking templates, guiding the employee to the correct bin and best before date, and many more features, and this all on an Android App for use on a handheld scanning device.

Receive information faster and more accurately. A fully integrated online scanning system provides you with an array of benefits. These include increased warehouse and distribution efficiency through simplified SSCC pallet tracking, elimination of data entry errors, and dramatically increased visibility.

  • Printing Mixed content label or License Plate label
  • from the scanner.
  • Bin improvemens in the warehouse processes as Picking sequence, exclusivity type and item No. auto FEFO pick, is ship bin, Exlcude from Pcik, Picking Group, Status are integrated from Business Central towards the scanning functionality.
  • Warehouse entries, detailed warehouse entries on License Plates.
  • License Plate integration on the scanner.
  • Lot tracking.
  • Optimilisation warehouse.
  • Recall of lot.

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