NORRIQ Drink-IT CRM Sales App:

20% better sales performance


Pub Owners and General Managers within Retail are more critical than ever to get in dialogue with if you are a Sales Manager from a beverage company. In addition, each sales visit costs money. So if you are targeting them, you need to go straigt to the right decision maker, at the right time with the right goals and necessary information.

The Drink-IT CRM Sales App helps your sales representatives make each visit a success.

Get started fast, easy and cheap with 'Bring me live in 5'. Your sales representatives can in less than 5 days be on the road with the Drink-IT CRM Sales App!


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Discover the 6 benefits of our Drink-IT CRM Sales App:


At least 1 visit per day extra

Our app provides at least 1 extra visit per day per representative. Keep up with information that is usually forgotten because reporting is done long after the visit.

Our Drink-IT CRM Sales App guides your delegation to better plan their visit, prepare, personalize the visit and report. They get:

  • 360° real-time overview of the entire customer information 
  • Insight into all campaigns planned
  • Structured visit reports
  • More efficient route planning
  • Fast access to visual documentation and material
  • Effective leads management
  • Easy expence management

A pleasure to use

Admire the contemporary look & feel. It's quick, adapts to any device and facilitates your sales process.

Our customers are very pleased with the flexibility and convenient navigation through the customer data sheets, task list, calendar, reports, action plans, etc.

From each component you can visit plans. An interactive map with color codes helps with priorities. In addition, an optimal route planning will be aviliable for you anywhere based on the detailed data sheets per customer.


Work online & offline, on any platform

No wifi or poor mobile reception? No problem, just work. As soon as there is an internet connection available, the app synchronizes quickly and safely. You can also use any device on Windows, Android, and iOS.

Your representatives react faster and take lead.


Seamless applications integration

The Drink-IT CRM Sales App integrates standard with Microsoft Office 365 and your Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform (Drink-IT ERP):

  • E-mail
  • Calender
  • Tasks
  • ...

Make a success of your commercial process

Do you know which campaigns are successful and which are not? Thanks to the Drink-IT CRM Sales App you can improve your customer segmentation, optimize your campaigns and monitor your customers real-time.

You can respond quickly, adjust and evaluate actions and determine the sales focus. Our app helps you get the right messages to the right audience, at the right time.


Cost efficient

The Drink-IT CRM Sales App saves you a lot of kilometers and runs like a smooth machine. The total cost of ownership is therefore interesting. Think of

  • Easy upgrades with plug & play modules
  • Competitive licensing agreements
  • Lower maintenance costs through proven performance

These breweries already use the Drink-IT CRM Sales App

The Drink-IT CRM Sales App is 20% more productive

20% better sales performance with Drink-IT CRM Sales App, even without wifi or GSM reach.

Think of how this would benefit your sales organisation:

  • 360° real-time overview
  • Insight into all campaigns
  • Structured visit reports
  • More efficient route planning
  • Quick access to all documentation
  • Efficient lead management
  • Easy management of your expenses

So do you want at least 1 extra sales visit per day and drastically cut adminstrative work?

Start with Drink-IT CRM Sales App fast, easy and cheap thanks to our ' Bring me live in 5 '-approach. Your sales representatives can in less than 5 days time get started!

Want to know more?
Get a 'Drink-IT Bring me live in 5' DEMO!

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