Building on heritage – an excellent brewery

Weihenstephan is the world’s oldest existing brewery. A unique combination of 1000 years of tradition with the latest brewing techniques makes the brewery win prizes at the world’s most prestigious beer competitions year after year.

A need for transparent processes

Weihenstephan exports to 43 markets with different languages and regulations, and was using an older IT solution that had been taken to its limits because of the brewery’s phenomenal growth. This had made it difficult for the globally oriented brewery to bring transparency into the company’s processes, a situation that potentially could hold back and jeopardise the growth of their business.

The brewery’s old, disparate systems had made it difficult for them to easily monitor, control and manage its processes across the entire value chain. This represented a danger of creating rigid and isolated silos as well as limiting the business overview, potentially affecting Weihenstephan’s ability to manage and develop the company in a satisfying manner.

"Like no other, Drink-IT addresses the complex challenges a modern brewery faces.”

“There are many ERP-systems on the market, but Drink-IT was the only one that convinced us right away. Like no other, the business solution addresses the complex challenges a modern brewery faces”, emphasizes Prof. Dr Josef Schrädler, director of the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan. “With the software’s implementation we will be able to increase our efficiency considerably, and, thus, significantly profit from time and cost savings.”

IT – a powerful vehicle for continuous growth

Dedicated to continuous improvement Weihenstephan realized that an investment in a modern, integrated brewery management solution would be the most powerful vehicle for getting a single, unified view across all the different functions of the business. 

Integrated processes is smarter business

By investing in the new, fully integrated brewery management solution, Weihenstephan has achieved a complete overview of all their business divisions – from production to warehousing and distribution, to sales and finance management. By connecting their entire value chain with an all-in-one best practice solution, Weihenstephan has achieved a coherent workflow enabling a smooth and integrated data flow that has increased traceability and enabled better overview – both on a national and an international level.

About Weihenstephan

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan started 1000 years ago as a monastery brewery. Today the world’s oldest brewery exports beer to 43 countries worldwide and produces 40 million litres a year. Weihenstephan beers are both nationally and internationally recognised and awarded time after time. Weihenstephan is commercially run by the State of Bavaria.

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