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Empty goods - kegs, CO2 tanks, bottles, crates and pallets - are the single biggest expense for a beverage company, especially breweries, bottlers and wholesalers. Add in the fact that irregular receiving intervals can negatively impact both production and customer relations, and the management of empty goods becomes a top priority.

What can you do?

Digitising Empties Management gives you a detailed picture of the entire empty goods lifecycle, including the location and status of your company’s assets. Empties Management helps your beverage company to lower costs by controlling high-value empties assets. It also increases control by managing empties at customer locations, and decreases manufacturing issues by tracking empties and reducing the time-to-market for new products. These capabilities should be standard in any modern beverage business solution.

How Drink-IT takes the hassle out of Empties Management
The Drink-IT beverage business solution includes Empties Management functionality out of the box. This helps you drive the efficient tracking of your empty goods movements between your company, your suppliers and your customers. State-of-the-art Drink-IT Empties Management is easy to implement and use, enabling:


  • Simple handling of empties data
  • Efficient processing of empties data
  • Easy evaluation of empties accounts and reports
  • Easy access to empties statistics


Empties Management is fully integrated in Drink-IT Warehouse & Distribution.

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A sophisticated beverage business solution doesn’t have to be complicated. At Drink-IT, we believe in keeping it simple, with a not-so-simple purpose: To help you transform your beverage business, stay ahead of the game, save time and money and grow without any IT hassle. Explore how Drink-IT meets your needs and how it helps your beverage company run better.

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