Why Choose Drink-IT?

Boost your entire value chain

Drink-IT is an all-in-one, fully integrated beverage business solution. It delivers everything you need to optimise your entire value chain – from sales and marketing and warehouse and distribution, to finance and tax, production and quality, service management and contract management.









Run your beverage business like the best

Choose Drink-IT and you're getting a business solution that brings operational excellence to your company. Drink-IT’s functionality and process flows build on industry best practice, making your company more efficient and effective.









Grow your business easily

Grow faster without getting bigger. Drink-IT makes it easy to increase capacity, remove complexity, implement new processes and expand your business without adding additional resources. Drink-IT takes the complexity out of expanding your business.










Cost-effective solution

Drink-IT’s design means it can be typically implemented at 50% of the Total Cost of Ownership of comparable solutions. Implementation time and budget are also extremely predictable.










Fast implementation

Get up and running faster. With our fast, efficient and risk-free implementation method you can start harvesting the benefits of Drink-IT sooner than you think.












Supports all deployment strategies

Drink-IT is flexible. Drink-IT supports single-instance implementation, multi-instance implementations and a hub-and-spoke implementation strategy. Get Drink-IT as a Cloud solution or on-premise, exactly as you like.












Benefit from durability and dedication

Choose Drink-IT and avoid the risk of running outdated, unsupported or random systems. Drink-IT is based on the world’s strongest business platform, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and we place a long-term focus on continuous research and product development. 













Built by NORRIQ.
Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV














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