Duty Management integrated and made simple

The right Duty Management tools - based on integration and simplicity - gives beverage companies a significant competitive advantage right away.

Drink-IT takes the hassle out of Duty Management

Duty Management enables you to manage duty deferred goods when shipping via bonded warehouses, and should be an integrated part of any modern beverage business solution.

Duty Management is a standard functionality in the Drink-IT beverage business solution and makes it easy to manage all aspects of tax and VAT. This includes EMCS - an automated inter-government gateway that simplifies the declaration of international shipments.


With Drink-IT Duty Management you can efficiently manage:

  • Local tax declarations
  • Full insight into the inventory of bonded warehouses with incoming and outgoing products 
  • Return of goods and tax reclaims 
  • Calculate the amount of excise duty payments
  • Drink-IT follows new requirements on EMCS and local tax declarations


Duty Management is fully integrated in Drink-IT Finance & Tax Management.


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