Drink-IT fizzes up your business

Drink-IT is a modular, scaleable standard solution that works out-of-the-box, has best practices built in and seamlessly integrates every area of your business. Use it to keep tax administration costs down, save time on quality processes and enable full product tracing. In other words, all you need to run your company better today, while preparing for tomorrow.

Drive your business like the best stars

Benefit from built-in best practice combined with NORRIQ's deep insight into your industry and our experience from a multitude of similar projects

Get up and running faster directions_run

Drink-IT creates value for your soft drinks business faster because you get functionality and out-of-the-box configurations that match all your business processes and needs.

Increase production capacity dashboard

Drink-IT helps optimise your operational efficiency, while maintaining product safety with full traceability and trackability.

Save time on quality process schedule

Employ unlimited quality measures and standards on raw materials or produced lots. During in-process testing, any lot can be held in quarantine, easily, and released after approval from the quality manager.

Benefit from global experience public

With a proven global track record of helping successful beverage companies in 40 countries, you'll get a beverage business solution that will optimise your business strategy.

Avoid risks of outdated systems error_outline

Based on the cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Busines Central, Drink-IT stays modern and compatible with Microsoft Office programs. Don´t put your business at risk with solutions that are here today but outdated tomorrow.

10 things you need to know before choosing a new beverage ERP solution 

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Drink-IT will boost your
entire value chain

Explore Drink-IT´s rich,
modular and integrated functionality

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Accelerate Marketing & Sales

You may brew the best beer in the world, but you need to engage your customers to sell it. Drink-IT helps you improve customer engagement at every stage of the buying cycle through capabilities for everything from loyalty management to mobile sales and telesales.

Deploying mobile sales can enable real-time marketing to enhance your email, content and digital marketing activities. Our solution can help your brewery deliver individualised marketing that will boost customer engagement and brand loyalty across all channels, while increasing sales and marketing productivity.

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Get a lean Warehouse & Distribution

Reduce costs, manage growth and gain competitive advantages by integrating and streamlining your brewery's warehouse and distribution processes in one “information hub” that delivers accurate, real-time information that is crucial to your business and minimises your admin.

With Drink-IT not only can you smartly manage and coordinate your transportation for optimal vehicle deployment, you can also easily monitor movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty within the EU. And you can fully trace finished goods in the market, in compliance with food and beverage legislation.

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Boost your Financial Management

Brewing first-class beer involves seeing the bigger financial picture. Drink-IT helps you simplify and automate your finance management, bookkeeping, invoices and accounts payable processes. Optimise your handling of taxes, discounts, deposits, promotions - and recalculate your commercial agreements with your business partners.

Drink-IT helps you tie things together, optimise all your different business processes and get a valuable financial overview that allows you to manage your brewery more efficiently.

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Save time and money with Purchase & Inventory Management

Drink-IT Purchase and Inventory solves a complex beverage business challenge in a very simple way. It streamlines your purchase and payment processes and makes sure you always have the right amount of inventory, cutting your inventory costs while ensuring you can always meet customer demand.

By automating and integrating all your purchase and inventory processes, Drink-IT enables you to save time and achieve your inventory objectives, consume goods and produce finished products in the right place at the right time.

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Transform your Production & Quality Management

Having an overview that allows you to tap into all the critical facets of your brewing production helps you optimise your process yet focus on what you do best: brew beer. With brewing expertise built in, Drink-IT intelligently optimises your manufacturing and quality processes to fit the needs of your brewery.

With a complete summary of how your production processes are progressing, you can easily follow the entire material flow through your business, from raw material to finished product and vice versa. Drink-IT enables transparency that reduces your inventory, improves the quality of your products and reduces brewery costs.

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Realise the full potential of your Contract Management

Having contracts with outlets and pubs is not only about ensuring coverage. It's also about ensuring they deliver the agreed business, monitoring contractual loans to ensure they are repaid and more.

Drink-IT Contract Management simplifies the creation and management of any contractual agreement your brewery makes with pubs or outlets. It also brings all your contracts together in a single, easily accessible place so you can effectively manage all kinds of contracts - from sales volumes and loans to loaned materials like draft installations and refrigerators.

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Turn data into new insights with Business Intelligence

Successful breweries do things faster, smarter and more innovatively. Drink-IT speeds business insight so you can better understand what drives your customers and sales, growing your bottom line through great business intelligence and reporting capabilities. 

Change your brewery's raw data into new, valuable knowledge and present it to the right decision makers whenever and wherever they need it, via intelligent dashboards. Make faster and better operational and strategic decisions, and deploy data from multiple databases, departments and business areas to achieve smart and flexible reporting on anything you need.

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Enable outstanding Costumer Service

A smooth-running service business involves looking into the future and getting rid of administrative hassles. Drink-IT's service management tools will help you optimise your service processes - e.g. pipe cleaning - and deliver superior customer service. Even on the road, every piece of information is right at your fingertips.

Technicians can themselves mark work as complete - streamlining time accounting and parts records. The result for service managers is a complete overview of competences, workloads, tasks, parts inventory, cost and service contracts.

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Drink-IT powers some of the world's
best-run beverage companies

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