Optimise your entire business with Drink-IT BI & Reporting

Get a sales accelerator

There's a tight connection between business insights and the realisation of new business opportunities. Drink-IT Business Intelligence & Reporting gives you deep insight into your market, your customers, your competitors and every potential risk. Get real-time information on everything vital to your business.

  • Quick and easy overview of your pipeline and must-win opportunities
  • Identify products that perform best in your markets
  • See which products are selling best in a certain pub or outlet
  • See how your online marketing affects store sales
  • Follow revenue compared with budget or cost

Boost production transparency

Gain insight from having far deeper analysis dimensions compared with traditional reporting when analysing costing, capacity management and stock. Drink-IT BI&R makes it easy to compare your production with raw materials in your warehouse, see the load on a given machine and more. You can also:

  • Effortlessly see shift, team and individual employee performance
  • Click and compare the realised sales price with your calculated cost of production
  • Easily monitor earnings per production line

Enhance business management

Drink-IT BI&R gives you strategic insight into important KPIs across your business and departments. Analyse where the company should go strategically. Get real-time information on your beverage company's ability to execute its strategy. Check whether your company is winning the right customers, customer wins and losses – and must-win customers.


Tap into great financial management

As well as classical financial monitoring of debtors and creditors, Drink-IT BI&R  offers strong consolidation tools for beverage companies with multiple business units and accounts. 

  • Automate consolidation of accounts across the business
  • Remove time-consuming spreadsheets
  • Break the total result down to profit and balance
  • Benefit from one accounting truth

Want to make beverage a better business?

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