Everything you need to raise the sales performance bar.

Sales Force Automation

Sell more efficiently and make your sales reps into top performers who get more leads and close more deals - with Drink-IT Sales Force Automation. Your sales reps get all the information they need to close the deal and drive productivity in the field or in-house.

  • Get a 360° view over customers, suppliers and prospect interactions
  • Get mobile access to inventory, quotes, sales history, visits and more
  • Automated market and competition-analysis processes
  • Easy profit and loss budgeting on outlets and pubs, enabling sales reps to quickly see and assign commitments, discounts, equipment and more

Marketing & Sales

Drink-IT Marketing & Sales is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that makes it a lot easier to acquire, engage and grow your customers by making the most of your lead generation, campaigns and digital marketing activities. Don´t waste time chasing the wrong leads.

  • Boost your lead conversion rate with actionable insight
  • Create and execute targeted campaigns faster and smarter
  • Streamline the way you measure the impact of campaigns
  • Develop compelling digital marketing programmes
  • Track efficiently how your customers engage with off- and online campaigns
  • Capture interesting leads directly in Drink-IT

Email Marketing

Drink-IT Email Marketing makes it easy for your beverage company to use electronic media to promote your products, analyze your email campaigns and understand what is working and what isn´t.

  • Create intelligently automated email marketing activities
  • Target your email campaigns, simplify surveys and more
  • Track what is being viewed, and how a customer or lead engage with your email campaigns
  • Nurture prospects until they´re sales ready

Mobile Sales

Drink-IT Mobile Sales makes it easy to make your sales force go mobile and so increase your sales reps´ agility and productivity. The simple-to-use mobile capabilities gives them ready access to all the business information they need on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

  • Reduce preparation time for visits 
  • Easy and fast real-time checks on prices, inventory and more
  • Sales reps can enter the visit report at the customer´s location
  • Send invoices right after visiting a customer, speeding up the invoicing process
  • Drink-ITs mobile sales office works both online and offline
  • Works with Android, Windows and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Loyalty Management

Drink-IT Loyalty Management integrates with the sales order module to make it easy for your beverage company to create and manage loyalty programmes. It delivers capabilities that help you design point-based promotions that maximize the potential of all your customer relationships.

  • Create and efficiently manage earnings and withdrawal of loyalty points
  • Base points on sales, donations and more
  • Manage how the customer can use loyalty points


The telesales module helps your beverage company's telesales professionals to grow existing customers.

  • Call customers based on a predefined calling plan
  • Minimize distribution costs with access to predefined delivery routes
  • Integrates to your product, distribution and sales systems
  • Access to current promotions, history and discount alerts
  • Increase up-selling with volume discounts rewards

Event Management

Drink-IT Event Management integrates with sales order management and enables your beverage company to keep a solid overview of events-related orders, such as products sold at an event or giveaways. The module also makes it easy for you to plan equipment loans with your orders and so optimize equipment use during high season.

  • Efficiently manage the lending of tables, chairs, refrigerators, draft installations and more
  • Easy-to-use follow-up workflow
  • Manage everything from customer request and shipment to returning goods and empties, and invoicing

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