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Finance Management and Accounting

With end-to-end integration, Drink-IT's financial and tax management capabilities provide financial accounting, cost accounting and tax handling functionality. Efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, budgets and get access to financial reporting.

  • Integrated with sales, procurement, production, inventory, distribution and manufacturing
  • Reporting on sales, inventory costs, gross profit, sales costs, etc.
  • Control and manage fixed assets
  • Drive efficiency and maximise cash with integrated accounts payable capabilities
  • Optimise your cash flow by streamlined accounts receivable processes 
  • Multicurrency, consolidation and intercompany support

Duty Management

Drink-IT Duty Management takes the complexity out of calculating item-specific taxes, such as excise duty, based on specific country legislation. Taxes can be calculated based on item categories.

  • Automated handling of multiple taxes
  • Easy handling of tax reporting for country specific declarations and inventory control
  • Tax reporting
  • Configure eco-taxes simultaneously
  • Integration across all Drink-IT modules – sales, purchase, accounting and inventory


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Deposit Management

Drink-IT Deposit Management lets you make deposit management an integrated part of your business processes – without complex administrative procedures.

  • Easily avoid the cost burden from loss or misuse of returnable assets
  • Automatic calculation of deposits for full and empty goods
  • Integrated with inventory, sales and purchase
  • Follow-up on empty goods based on customer returns  
  • Deposit limit calculation and warnings
  • Automation of separate invoicing of full goods and deposits 

Discount Management

Discount management is a vital part of effective supply chain management in the beverage business.

  • Handle multiple simultaneous discounts and promotions 
  • Fully integrated with sales and purchase
  • Handle volume-based periodic rebates, free items and automatically generated promotions
  • Handle free items and automatic promotions
  • Get detailed logging for analysis


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Automated Accounts Payable (Invoice Workflow)

With the optional Invoice Workflow you can optimise your entire accounts payable process with automated data capture, invoice scanning, handling, approval and archiving, which saves time and money.  

  • Save up to over 50% time
  • Automate data capture
  • Approve invoices anywhere, anytime
  • Increase cost control
  • Easy, electronic archiving

Contract Management

Whether your needs around contract management consist of building maintenance both short or long-term, technical support, rent or loan contracts, the contract module can handle it all for you. 

  • Supports building management (pub owned by the brewery or by a third party)
  • Enables easy follow-up on volume commitment
  • Easier overview of discounts and commitments
  • Easy follow-up on actual versus budget 

Planning & Control

Drink-IT Plan & Control, is a management-accounting system powered by Seneca that simplifies your analysis, budgeting, cost-accounting and calculation for your beverage company. The solution enables you to benefit from management accounting based on data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other data sources.

  • Benefit from increased transparency
  • Easily plan and see what-if financial scenarios
  • Efficiently allocate costs fully in line with cost drivers
  • Get accurate, valid presentations
  • Automate financial reporting to internal or external recipients


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