Everything you need to coordinate, control and speed up purchase, inventory and payment at minimum cost

Requisition and Materials Management

Drink-IT Requisition & Materials makes it easy to organise and simplify complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers. Define your stock levels and automatically get order proposals, and ensure you purchase enough to trigger any agreed discounts. Accepted proposals create a purchase order and the receipt, invoice and payment process is automated. 

  • Automate the processes from purchase to payment  
  • Effortlessly create and approve quotes
  • Increase purchase management efficiency

Inventory Optimisation

You need to know three things to be able to optimise your inventory. 1), How much inventory you should have on hand to ensure continuity of supply. 2), When to reorder. 3), How much to order. Drink-IT helps you master it all by integrating processes across all your business areas and registering all your stock movements – from items sold and raw materials consumed in production, to spare parts used for maintenance, and more.

  • A powerfully simple approach to identify your ideal inventory mix
  • Optimise your ability to guarantee continuity of supply
  • Know exactly when to reorder
  • Order the right amount 

Invoice and approvals workflow

Increase the speed, qualitiy and capacity of your approvals and invoice system. Built in approval workflows ensure the right people and departments are alerted when they have to approve purchases, prices, budgets and more. Accounts payable automation streamlines your inbound invoice process by automatically capturing invoice data, and expediting review and approval workflows and posting invoices to the ledger.

  • Complete invoice management and approval automation
  • Save time and money and errors
  • Gain control and increase transparency
  • Automate invoice data capture

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