Get everything you need to create astounding customer service experiences with less effort

Field Service made mobile

Minimise administrative hassle and give your fridge and pipe-cleaning service professionals immediate customer insight that will help them deliver even greater service. All while gaining tighter control of your spare part inventory.

  • Quickly and easily access customer service history on any mobile device
  • Anticipate customer needs for fridge repairs or pipe cleaning
  • Maintain real-time records, such as the date, time and service tasks
  • Automate your service task planning
  • Easy, mobile reporting on time consumed, spare parts used and new actions

Win customer loyalty

Drink-IT Service Management helps you increase profits from your existing customers by enabling you to respond to their needs effectively and consistently. The result is a highly personalised and valued service. 

  • Ensure customer loyalty
  • Improve service levels, response times and reliability

Organize resources better

Drink-IT's service management capabilities give you a better overview of your company’s service resources and customer needs. This ensures you can significantly improve the overall handling of your inventory, employees and response times.

  • Get a planning tool for future resource allocation
  • Make smarter service business decisions faster

Know what to do and when

Easily plan ahead and make better purchasing decisions with a complete overview of service orders that need to be filled and when.

  • See whether spare parts and items will be available when you need them
  • Gather requisitions so you know what needs to be ordered on open service orders
  • Automate order processes to reduce costs and time 
  • Allocate zones, skills and service items to match specific service orders
  • Speed up and save money 

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