9 Reasons why the best Cloud ERP for your business is Drink-IT

There are many ERP solutions available on the market, but each business is different, especially in the beverage industry, all requiring a different approach. In this blog, we discuss why Drink-IT is the best Cloud ERP for your business.

As a Cloud solution specifically designed to serve the beverage industry, Drink-IT offers many particular features and advantages that will answer to the most industry-specific needs. Let’s find out why Drink-IT is the perfect ERP companion for your business.

1)     All-in-one end-to-end solution

Ideally, your ERP solution blends perfectly with your existing software and makes sure you have access to everything on one single platform with one single source of data. Drink-IT is an all-in-one, fully integrated beverage business solution. It delivers everything you need to optimise your entire value chain and its benefits stretch across all your departments.

2)     Drink-IT allows growth

Any company’s ambition is to grow as much, and as quickly, as possible, but it might be hard for your operations to keep up. Even your current ERP solution might not be as future proof as you had hoped it to be. Drink-IT makes sure your ERP solution is ready for the future at any time, making it easy to increase capacity, remove complexity, implement new processes, and expand your business without additional resources. As Drink-IT is a cloud-solution it leaves room to grow exponentially and without any limits to your operations and data. 

3)     Cost-effective

Bringing an ERP solution on board is quite the investment, however making sure it has the required return, makes it worth spending that amount. When considering ERP implementation time and budget calculations are key, as well as your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That said, Drink-IT is a very cost-effective solution with a predictable implementation time and budget. Even more, due to Drink-IT’s design, it can be implemented at 50% of the Total Cost of Ownership of comparable solutions.

4)     All you departments may benefit

Drink-IT is an all-in-one solution that stretches across all your departments, with various ways to optimise your:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Purchase & Inventory Management
  • Production & Quality Management
  • Contract Management

All these processes can be integrated into the system, allowing data to go from one department to the other. This not only increases transparency but also makes sure every department can collaborate with each other and everyone as a whole can contribute to the bigger picture you are trying to achieve.

5)     New insights

Data is the driving source behind your company. Drink-IT helps you to convert this bulk of data into a language anyone in your company can comprehend and most of all work with.  Not only does it make the data approachable, but also insightful, making sure you have the knowledge you need to optimise your production and understand what drives your customers.

6)     Industry-specific

As Drink-IT’s name might give away its core premise, the solution is specifically designed to be implemented in the beverage industry. Thanks to many years of experience, we were able to develop a custom solution that offers an answer for the many challenges in the industry. It offers you a modular, scalable, standard solution that has best practices built in and seamlessly integrates and optimises your industry specific processes. Not only is does Drink-IT specialises towards the beverage industry, but it also offers company-specific features whether you are a distillery, a distributer, or a bottler.

7)     Flexible

Whether your company needs industry-specific features or not, Drink-IT can be implemented in any way you desire. Meaning, as single-instance implementation, multi-instance implementations and a hub-and-spoke implementation strategy, as a SaaS solution or on-premises. Whatever it takes to make your company spark, Drink-IT can deliver.

8)     Flawless reporting

We already discussed that Drink-IT’s driving source is data. Not only does it gather data across your departments, increasing transparency. It also uses Business Intelligence to turn this data into clean insights that are manageable and easy to report. In short, Drink-IT allows you to capture data, and automatically analyse them in reports, so you have all the business insights you need to make better decisions.

9)     Support from beginning to end and even after…

Our dedicated Drink-IT CARE team is with you every step of the way, even after the implementation. We make sure you enjoy the assistance your company needs across many facets, such as change management, maintenance, learning services and high-performance customer care with live support.


Drink-IT addresses all the unique challenges beverage companies face and offers an all-in-one solution. Its many facets, combining the power of automation and innovation to streamline your processes, make it the perfect solution to help your company spark to its full potential!

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