An interview with Sales Account Manager Thomas

Thomas has been working as a sales account manager at Drink-IT and NORRIQ for quite some time. A varied job, which he enjoys a lot. We talked with Thomas about his position and his tasks within the company.

Thomas Franckx as a Sales Account Manager

Thomas, what is your job exactly at Drink-IT and NORRIQ? 

I am part of the sales team. In many cases, sales is a long process, with many stages, that's what makes it a very varied job. On the one hand, there is a lot of internal communication with colleagues and on the other hand, I manage several of our trusted customers but also looking for new ones is a part of my job. Sales is not a one-step process. From the first introduction - "the intake" to the development of an opportunity, for example a demo or a proof of concept - to gaining their trust and eventually getting a formal confirmation for the future partnership. These different steps in our sales process can easily take some time - from several months to sometimes over a year. And that is exactly what keeps it exciting. Every day is different and many challenges cross my path. In any case, I am happy that I can contribute to the growth of Drink-IT.

That sounds great! What energizes you the most?

I love that variety. Obviously, it is nice and motivating to win deals, but I can also enjoy the interaction with colleagues. The whole process that comes with sales makes it fun, both in- and external. Achieving those results as a team is extremely satisfying.

How hard is to convince potential customers?

We have a lengthy sales cycle, so selling is not an easy job. In ERP, CRM or BI projects, the slightest change can have a major impact on the result. It is important to maintain a connection with the case, at all times. Actual selling or convincing is not necessary, it is mainly about gaining trust. This takes baby steps. Even in the sales flow, we try to focus on mapping and the improvement of their processes. Our market is full of interesting companies and business processes. Once an organization recognizes our added value, it becomes fun. Then our sales process often goes a lot smoother. The fact that we work as a Microsoft partner, with proven technological solutions, also helps.

When you win a customer, why do they choose Drink-IT?

Because we create value and have a great deal of expertise. We know the business and can implement industry best practices. Ever consultant has a lot of experience which leads to customer appreciation. In us, they find a partner who understands their business. Our industry focus has never been this clear. The fact that we work with proven technology from Microsoft is also a big asset. 
After a long decision process (also for the customer), I always ask why they have chosen us. The two most common answers? Extensive expertise and professionalism. A diverse team of marketing, sales and consultants really make the difference. The professionalism we radiate through our amazing team is what makes an ideal partner.

What makes someone a true Drink-IT-Star?

At Drink-IT and NORRIQ you better have the "work hard, play hard" mentality. You have to be able to handle complex projects, be flexible and a chameleon in sales. Every company requires a different sales approach and adapting with ease is an art. We work hard, but there is also a great team spirit. We work in a nice environment with amazing colleagues and this is a fun but motivating atmosphere. You can count on each other, let off some steam and go for it again afterwards.

And why do you feel like a fish in water at Drink-IT??

The mentality within the company suits me perfectly. I feel like an internal entrepreneur who searches for opportunities and wants to win every day. A lot of times this is a team effort, but I also appreciate the autonomy and working independently. Unfortunately, losing now and then is also part of it but that keeps you on your toes. What do I do to recover when I lose a potential client? We have a foosball table and a darts board. Enough colleagues to win from!