Digital transformation of a beverage company - where does the greatest value lie?

In many beverage companies, digital transformation is high on the agenda. But getting started can be a challenge. How do you prioritise things? At Drink-IT, we have gathered our experiences and would like to highlight which areas digital transformation adds the most value to.

Digital transformation - employee working environment

We have helped hundreds of beverage companies around the world transform digitally. The experience we have gained along this journey tells us that there are four main areas in which a beverage company can significantly improve:

1 - Build stronger customer relations and sell more

Digitalisation opens up vast opportunities to manage and optimise customer experiences. Seize new possibilities to communicate with your customers and create more effective marketing, sales and service experiences using e-commerce, portals and mobility, enhanced with data and “intelligence”.

2 - Optimize all your processes and your entire value chain

Digitising your entire, or parts of, your value chain creates great potential in any beverage company. By thinking digitisation through all the way to the end, making all business processes effective, complete, lean and scalable, you will end up with a more effective, profitable and well-run business.

3 - Give your employees the best conditions to perform

With new technology, you can give your employees the best conditions to provide optimal value to the business. With the latest digital tools, in combination with e.g. mobility, you will experience more flexible, productive and satisfied employees.

4 - Transform your services and increase the value for the customer

While thinking digital transformation into how you provide services, you can create new business opportunities and the ultimate customer experiences that today’s customers have come to expect. How about arming your service personnel with immediate insight about the person they are providing service to, or enabling them to anticipate the customer’s service needs even before they do? Now is the time to impress.

The possibilities are almost endless, and now you have a few reasons why companies focus on digital transformation.

When it comes to the technology you need to get there, there are many alternative roads to take. You can achieve great things, but you don't want to make it too complex so look for solutions that suit your specific needs and resources. We recommend our clients to opt for technology that is made specifically for beverage companies, with best processes built in from the start.and built on a solid technological foundation that will be there tomorrow, too.

For an introduction to such a solution – Drink-IT – please click here.