Do not lose money and time over empty kegs, pallets, and other logistic goods!

As a brewer, you know the importance of storing your product in the right way. Using the right keg to support your flavors and to ensure the quality of your product and it will not get lost when transported. Whether it is transported in kegs, bottles, crates, or pallets – you will want to know where these valuable empty goods are and trace them from production to end-client.

Employees using tablet in brewery

A big expense 

In the old times, the brewer could easily keep track of his wooden barrels. Since they just went to local bars and pubs but in the 21st century where the world is getting smaller and smaller – your kegs might go around the globe, to many wholesalers and bars. It is easy to lose your valuable kegs! Did you know a malfunctioning tracing system of your kegs can lose you a lot of money? The Brewers Association concluded that in 2019 (the most recent report available), US breweries lost between $12 million and $35 million from lost kegs! Make sure you are not one of them. 

With Drink-IT, you can make your own system. When choosing ‘Empty Goods’ as your tracing system you get a tool to track and trace your valuable empty goods, so you won’t be losing them. Empties Management helps your beverage company to lower costs by controlling high-value empties assets. It also increases control by managing empties at customer locations, and decreases manufacturing issues by tracking empties and reducing the time-to-market for new products. 

No more manual processes 

A solution for many breweries and distributors, is the use of keg deposits, so customers return these empty goods. But it can be hard to keep track of these fees and the tracing of your kegs. Maybe you are using an Excel file where you have to manually put in all the numbers of kegs and deposits? With Drink-IT you get a complete overview with useful integrations to get control of your empty goods! 

Drink-IT Empty Goods is a completely integrated system to keep track of your products that are sold in returnable bottles, crates, or kegs, shipped on pallets. Whether you need them to be charged with a deposit to some customers and not to others – Drink-IT keeps track of it all! At any time and on any device, you have an overview of your returnable items at customers, and deposit balances charged. The system can make your empty goods statement, print it, and add it to the invoice or delivery note. Also, a balance overview towards your vendor is available. Empty good charges are automatically calculated in sales and purchase documents and can be posted through a journal. 

Make your daily tasks easier with the integrations Drink-IT provides – Empty Goods effortlessly integrates with your Warehouse Management system and your entire IT system. Making the distribution and warehouse department a lot more efficient and there is less room for manual mistakes. 

The benefits? 

  • Simple handling of empties data 
  • Efficient processing of empties data 
  • Easy evaluation of empties accounts and reports 
  • Easy access to empties statistics 

Returnable packaging items are a vital part of the beverage business and as your trusted IT-partner, Drink-IT knows that a well working system can release a lot of stress, money, and time!


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