Drink-IT "Certified For Microsoft Dynamics"

The Drink-IT Team is very proud to announce that Drink-IT earned the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” accreditation for the Role Tailored Client (RTC). This signifies that the solution has met Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software.

Experts certainly know that obtaining the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” label is not a gift from Microsoft. Lionbridge performed independent and rigorous testing on the solution’s integration with the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Lionbridge is a leading provider of third-party certification programs for major technology platforms around the globe.

Only those vertical solutions that pass the independent software tests with enough customers recommending the product are eligible for this certification. Drink-IT, certified since 2008 for the Classic client (UI), has now passed the test for the Role Tailored Client (RTC)!

 Why choose for a “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” solution? Drink-IT is:

  • Designed to help meet your unique business and industry needs
  • Tested and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics products
  • Used and recommended by other companies like yours

NORRIQ strongly commits to continue meeting the high Microsoft quality standards!