Drink-IT Inspiration Day, A day of Inspiration

On March 10th we organized our Drink-IT Inspiration Day, learn more about this event where we invited the beverage industry for a day filled with interesting talks.

The latest Drink-IT Inspiration Day reflects the very close relationship between Drink-IT, NORRIQ and its customers. It provides a great platform for Drink-IT and NORRIQ to get inspired about new technological innovations within Drink-IT and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Many industry partners and businesses were welcomed by our team at the stunning and, of course, inspiring Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste. 

Guest enjoyed the full Drink-IT experience. In addition to seeing Drink-IT in action, they also took the brewery tour of Omer Vander Ghinste.

Drink-IT Inspiration Day

We have managed to inspire many businesses, small and large, about Drink-IT SaaS, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and so much more, which may help make work and life for any beverage company easier and, most importantly, more efficient. With our inspiring talks and demonstrations, we wanted to give everyone a tast on how to solve reoccurring industry issues and struggles, such as unproperly managed storage or inventory due to stock shortages, interlocking distribution chains that don’t have a way to communicate with each other, or the inability to grow sales. 

"After two long years, it was a true pleasure to invite again the beverage business for an in-person event! To host an industry-specific event at the beautiful brewery of Omer Vander Ghinste gave the opportunity to network and reconnect with (future) customers." – Sarah Broux, Drink-IT

We popped all of these bottlenecks like a bottle of sparkling Champaign. As we do at Drink-IT, with an ERP solution specific for the beverage industry and a team of experienced consultants. Our consultants gave an insight look on the Microsoft Power Platform – not only with a presentation but they also showed the Drink-IT Delivery App, a Power App used by Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste.

We inspired our attendees with words and presentations, but also with food and drinks, served at our network lunch. Many people from the beverage industry were able to have a chat and a laugh with each other and get the opportunity to reflect on the Drink-IT Inspiration Day, which was for many the start of new opportunities and interesting contacts. While business cards were exchanged, the weather gods decided to make this event even more of a success. They opened up the skies and inspired us with some well-deserved sun rays. 

It’s safe to say that inspiration was the buzzword for this event since we managed to leave a stamp and inspire the attendees with speeches, industry customer talks and inspiring stories at an unbelievably eye-catching location. Together we inspire, and together we will work towards the future of the beverage industry.

See you at the next Inspiration Day?