Empower your sales force with mobility

As the need for agility, productivity and customer service increases, mobile access to your sales information is no longer just a nice-to-have option.

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Mobility is rapidly transforming sales

Today, more than 1,3 billion employees are working mobile. Companies that allow their staff to get mobile, connected and able to carry their entire office in their tablet, smartphone or laptop are reporting a boost in productivity, agility and better customer service.


The mobile sales force – a strategic area for future success

One specific business area has been dramatically transformed by mobility, and that is sales. Sales reps are no longer working their way down time consuming to-do lists ”handcuffed” to their desktop pc´s. They are getting mobile, connected, and empowered with ready access to all the business information they need, when they need it, where they need it. It seems to be paying off.

A recent study found that 65% of salespeople who work at companies that use mobile sales tools have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to only 22% of reps from companies that have not yet adopted a mobile sales tool. And for a number of good reasons. Lets take a look at some of them, and how mobility enables a beverage sales force to sell smarter and faster.


Heads up for golden opportunities on-the-go

With a mobile sales tool you can unlock the sales team´s productivity by putting crucial business information at your salespersons´ fingertips, enabling your salespersons to access all the business information they need, at the meeting with the customer. From a tablet, smartphone or laptop your salespersons can easily access all the business information they need - for instance they can:

  •  See visit reports, reducing preparation time for visits
  •  Make fast real-time checks on customers, prospects, product info, prices, inventory, etc.
  •  Get the visit report done at the customer´s location, saving administrative time
  •  Close the deal on-the-go, increasing sales
  •  Send invoices right after visiting a customer, speeding up the invoice process

With the ability to access all of a sales person´s tasks and information on-the-go, companies with mobile sales teams have a number of advantages:

Shorten the sales cycle

A mobile sales force benefits from anytime, anywhere access to updated profiles and actions for all their prospects, enabling your salespersons to take the right action at the right time on activities that move prospects through the sales funnel and create revenue. They can even submit deals as soon as they are agreed by the customer.

Improve your cash flow

Speedy invoicing processes is paramount if you want a steady cash flow. With a mobile sales tool you can minimize the order-to-cash cycle because orders captured in the system on-the-go are automatically transmitted for sales order processing in your ERP or accounting system.

Take your customer service to the next level

With the ability to keep all their information organized, and access it from their tablets, smartphones and laptops, mobile salespersons can respond faster to customer or prospect questions. This can enhance your customer relations by helping the sales reps engage more fully with their customers.

Today many companies are planning to use a mobile sales tool to unlock the sales team´s productivity and agility. If you are considering to make to your sales team mobile, Drink-IT´s marketing and sales module offers built-in simple-to-use mobile capabilities, targeted for the beverage business.

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