Extended Drink-IT module: Event Management

Drink-IT makes it easy and efficient to keep an overview of your event orders related to specific customer events, and simplifies management of sold products, products given for free and management of equipment.

Event Management

Beverage companies produce and distribute beverages. Next to that some of them also lend for example tables, chairs and refrigerators to the pubs during high season or they give products for free (buy 5, get 1 for free) to promote new products.

Beverage companies need, at all times, an overview of where their materials are and when they are coming back. The simple process from follow-up from the customer request, shipments, returning goods and empties until invoicing after the event was already available in our Drink-IT solution

Event management is integrated with sales order management and enables you to keep an overview of the event orders related to customer events. The event order includes products sold, products given for free and equipment.

In the extended module, a new sales document “Event” has been introduced. The “Event” is treated as a contract and contains an overview of the event information (for example start and end date of the event), counter-payments, and items (loan, items, POS items, free items). It is possible that the items have to be invoiced to different customers. The Event module makes this possible so you don’t waste time on invoicing.

Another useful feature is that, depending on the event category, you can automatically create and print an accompanying letter or a sponsoring commitment.

If you want more information about Event Management, let us know, and we will contact you!