From start-up to successful brewery in record time

Located in Wintherthur near Zurich in Switzerland, the Doppelleu Brewery has transformed its business from a small start-up craft brewery to a successful, award winning brewery - and all in record time. Founded in 2012, the Doppelleu Brewery won the 2016 Swiss Economic Award for production and trade. The award is given to entrepreneurs who can serve as role models for others who want to start their own business.

Doppelleu Brewery in the laboratory

Needed to power their business

Dealing with the same challenges as many other breweries, the Doppelleu Brewery is constantly challenged to maintain a high quality and consistent, competitive products, while being under constant pressure to reduce operating costs. Therefore, the brewery wanted to take efficiency to new levels.

Highly effective and competitive breweries typically demonstrate the capacity to incorporate and embrace processes that reflect a proven optimal way to perform each business process. IT plays a major role in implementing best practices in a brewery, and IT-wise Doppelleu Brewery realised they should invest in a brewery management solution based on best practices from known effective breweries.

To ensure that the Doppelleu Brewery can meet the anticipated future demands, boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition, the company understood they needed to simplify their business processes. The brewery therefore decided to replace their old business systems with Drink-IT to reap the benefits of a single solution that enabled them to centrally manage and enhance visibility into their finance, sales, inventory, production, distribution etc.  


Step one of three completed

The project consists of three steps. In the first step Doppelleu went live with Drink-IT´s finance module in January 2017. In the second step, the brewery will integrate, optimise and automate its entire value chain by implementing Drink-IT´s beverage industry specific functionality for managing its sales, marketing, production and quality, warehouse and distribution, service management, contract management, event management, BI and reporting. After the go-live of the entire solution the Doppelleu Brewery plans to integrate a POS solution for cash and carry sales and a web shop solution to Drink-IT.


Two become one

While working on the Drink-IT phase two, Doppelleu Brewery merged with another Swiss brewery, Bière du Boxer S.A from Yverdon-les-Bains. The two Swiss breweries, which are both very successful in their regions, will cooperate in the future, in order to work together more effectively on the Swiss market. Both partners are roughly the same size (measured in hectolitres in 2017) and they have both been able to achieve double-digit growth in recent years. Both breweries work on plants that are almost exclusively under 5 years. The extensions are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Drink-IT will also be integrated in Bière du Boxer in 2018.

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