New Drink-IT Release

Following functionalities are included in Drink-IT R2 on NAV2013 R2:

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1. Process Order-To-Cash - Shipping & Invoicing Management

  • Order shipment planning: a new planning screen has been added based on the combination of the route and the shipment date. The screen visualizes sales orders to plan for delivery and has quick access to the key functions. It can also be used as preparation for the warehouse shipment planning. Additionally this functionality includes a new return order screen.
  • Enhanced usability for shipping & invoicing management by introducing:
    • The shipment status on sales documents
    • Smarter use of routes: link routes to the day of the week, 1-to-many route options for one customer, ...
    • Invoice methods to simplify mass posting:
      • Invoice period - To combine orders monthly, weekly, daily
      • Invoice timing - Per order, at shipment, only after returns,  in a batch job, …
  • Simplification of the planning process
    • Picking type per customer - order pick or combined pick. This enables preparing mixed pallets before all orders are entered.
    • Shipment method defaults determining sales conditions
    • Delivery times on the sales order based on the shipment date and day of the week
    • Truck zone (left, right, blank) and the planning with 2 drivers
  • Pallet tracking  with integrated scanner software - Phase 3, some of the changes are:
    • Integration of the online barcode scanner software of NORRIQ Denmark. This solution has been extended for beverage and is now part of the Drink-IT Solution.
    • Stock balance on SSCC is no longer required, possibility to force balance on lot number only
    • Pallet tracking can also be configured without lot tracking (mainly for non-beverage products)
    • More flexibility on the maintenance and corrections of lot numbers versus SSCC pallets, including  the possibility to implement SSCC non-specific tracking and to correct inventory on SSCC pallet numbers only

 2. Process Order-To-Cash - Pricing, Discounts & Promotions

  • Unit of measure equivalents: Discounts occurring only on full quantities of a certain UOM (Before a setup  and order entry for that specific UOM was needed)
  • Item exclusivity: Simplified and more straightforward setup to cover item exclusivity for private labels and customer exclusivity for sales contract obligations. (*)
  • Multi-level discounts enable a hierarchic structure in the discount calculation base
  • Price report per customer showing the overview of all agreed sales conditions
  • Free item reason codes for full reporting on free goods
  • Sales conditions based on shipment date
  • Calculate sales price in HL, additional to the sales price per unit of measure
  • Link default delivery address with customer
  • A pre-order for free goods has been added based on the delayed promotions from the customer card

 3. Process Order-To-Cash - Deposits

  • Payment discount related to deposit: Added function to indicate if payment discount calculation base should include deposits or not. (*)
  • Deposit group and invoice posting options added to ship-to address
  • Deposit Rounding options for partial returns (for example, returns of half full cases or kegs)

 4. Process Order-To Cash - Taxes:

  • EMCS on sales order: The current EMCS functions for delivery of goods are based on the posted shipments generating the IE815 message after completion of the full warehouse handling and shipping. The new function adds the possibility to generate the EMCS message before the shipment has taken place. This requirement arose since custom agents need the administrative details including the ARC number a few days before the physical delivery. (*)
  • Composed items with tax item allocation: Calculation of taxes on combined items - mainly gift boxes and displays - are based on the components of the production BOM and are extended in legal reports.(*)
  • Automatic send of the message IE815: For selected locations, the e-ad message (IE815) can be send automatically during posting of the delivery. (*)

 5. Process Order-To-Cash - Loyalty management

  • In the previous release loyalty was valued in points or cost. Now loyalty type unit price (different for different customers) has been added. As a consequence the unit price has also been added for statistics, warnings, loyalty journals and the loyalty statement.
  • In the previous release the points or cost budget were assigned to a customer by a manual journal. In this release a periodic loyalty worksheet has been added to automate this task.

 6. Process Order-To-Cash - Telesales

  • Call schedules can be setup for a ship-to code including dates and time
  • Telesales Call Update available on Customer Card and Ship-to Code Card to have a clearer view on scheduled calls.
  • Create sales orders from the Telesales overview via an intermediate screen for quicker order entry:
    • Based on history: show active items for the customer with history of the product quantities sold in four time columns
    • Fact boxes for Discounts and Promotions are included. This enables the telesales operator to push sales by informing the customer of discounts and promotions while on the phone
    • Discounts & Promotions Alertµ
    • Get delayed discount and promotions
  • Telesales Quick Entry; fast order intake by entering item and quantity
  • Sales order proposal based on History
  • New role center profile:  Order Processor

 7. General improvements

  • This release includes new Drink-IT document lay-out’s:
    • Sales invoice, with separate goods section and empty goods statement on demand
    • Combined Sales invoice, on request grouped per item and including shipment specifications per Sell-to customer
    • Delivery Note from Sales order or posted sales shipment
    • Loading list for the truck
    • Sales Order pick, for 1 sales order or combining sales orders, no warehouse documents required
    • Sales Order confirmation, Pro Forma invoice
    • Purchase order


These layouts are a starting point for customers when developing project specific document layouts.

  • Availability of Drink-IT on NAV2013 R2, as released by Microsoft in October 2013
  • Extended functionality on Purchase Approvals
  • Event management: Automatic return receipt dates based on customer defaults and possibility to update the return order from the sales order.
  • First Drink-IT release on NAV2013 localized for Belgium and Germany

(*) Also stadard available on NAV2009 R2 by R43