Palm Breweries

Last year, PALM Breweries decided to implement the complete Drink-IT ERP solution. After an intensive analysis and implementation period, PALM Breweries went live with the Drink-IT solution.

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The full Drink-IT product scope has been implemented: Finance, Sales & Purchase, Warehouse and Integrated Scanning, Production & Quality, Plant Maintenance, Forecasting and the graphical production planning. 100 users are using the Drink-IT solution on a daily basis now. Besides PALM Breweries, also Brewery BOON in Lembeek and different holding companies have been part of this project.

PALM Breweries NV, the Belgian independent family-run brewery group with a total production capacity of 1 million HL per year, already knew the Drink-IT solution. Since early 2011 the brewery has been using the Drink-IT EMCS module for the reporting and processing of their e-ADs (Electronic Administrative Documents). PALM Breweries is known for its authentic thoroughbred beers like, PALM, RODENBACH, STEENBRUGGE, Kriek BOON,…

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