Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger secures their business for the future

Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger has with the recent delivery of Drink-IT started to see the benefits of a state-of-the-art brewery management solution.

Wieninger Brewery

The Bavarian family-owned brewery Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger was running on an old, over-customised legacy AS/400 system that was holding back their business and wanted to secure their business for the future by implementing a modern state-of-the-art solution for breweries, which was more easily maintained and extendable than their old solution.

Relying on an old and outdated system for their business processes Wieninger struggled with operational risks, low levels of automation, poor data quality and lack of legislative support. Due to low functional coverage and disparate systems, Wieninger had to use spreadsheets and re-key data between a number of different systems – all of which were slowing down their business processes and potentially causing errors.

They understood that automating and standardizing their business processes would help them to get more transparent and efficient in their entire business. With the right solution they would get a transparent insight into the company’s growth drivers through analysis and reporting.

They now work with Drink-IT in both their affiliates in Austria and Germany across all their business processes (finance, trade, logistics, transportation, EMCS, EDI and duty management). Their mobile sales force will also be working with Drink-IT in the near future.


Family-owned craft tradition since 1813

In 1813 Philipp Wieninger bought the brewery. Since then, members of the Wieninger family have continuously led it - now in the seventh generation. The medium-sized character of the brewery ensures the continuation of the solid craftsmanship tradition and close contact with employees and customers. The home of the private brewery M.C. Wieninger is characterized by a unique connection between man and nature. In this living space, Wieninger beer is a defining element for enjoyment and social events and therefore indispensable in everyday life.


No compromises in quality

One of the essential foundations of the high beer quality of Wieninger beers are the raw materials. The fine aroma hops come from the best cultivation areas and the Bavarian malt is specially adapted to each beer type. The most valuable asset is the clear, pure mountain spring water from the foot of the Teisenberg. It guarantees the special purity and wholesomeness of the Wieninger beer. In addition to these outstanding raw materials, the long brewing experience, the traditional recipes and the special Wieninger brewing process ensure a special beer taste.

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