The growing importance of Microsoft Teams in 2020

How many people have really got to know Microsoft Teams in the last few months? Because of working from home during the lockdowns, it was harder to keep in touch with co-workers and work on projects. Microsoft Teams is the solution to stay connected with your team thanks to its many functions like file storage, workspace chat and videoconferencing. And now it’s taking the next step: full integration with Business Central.

Business Worker working on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration in Microsoft – you can stay connected and organized easily with your team. It truly simplifies your workday with functionalities like:

  • Video-conferencing: So you still get to see your colleagues ‘face-to-face’ and you can even organize live events with up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Screen-sharing: During your Teams call you can share your screen, this way everybody can look at content collectively.
  • Custom background: Blur out your background during your video calls – this way nobody has to see your (maybe unorganized) home office.
  • File sharing: Store, share, and edit files within Teams in a familiar experience with built-in access to SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and productivity apps – in of course a secure cloud place.
  • Make it personal: Add integrated apps, bots, automated workflows and dashboards.
  • Low-code solutions: You can build or install custom apps and digital tools to upgrade your Microsoft Teams experience, this with little or no development experience.

New functionality: Integration with Business Central

Microsoft has now released a new app for Teams: Business Central. This way you can work from home even better than before. This app lets you display information from BC (Business Central) directly into your Teams conversations. Completely in the all-in-one solutions mindset that Microsoft is innovating thanks to the cloud solutions.

For example, you can easily copy-paste a product link into your Teams conversation. The link will expand into a compact, interactive card that displays information about the product – like stock, price, …

Once in the conversation, you and your coworkers can even edit data and take action - without leaving Teams.

Making the Microsoft platform even more integrated and easier for colleagues to work together.