The secret ingredient in a successful beverage company

In a marketplace where conditions are tough and getting tougher, having a state-of-the-art beverage industry solution to manage your entire value chain is vital.

Man working in brewery

With tougher competition, changes in consumption patterns and increasing costs for raw materials, utilities and logistics, many breweries realize that natural flavours, aromas, sweeteners and water are no longer the only vital ingredients for successful, competitive products and running a successful company.

An equally vital ingredient is the ability to streamline, simplify and automate business processes – from receiving raw materials to delivering products to customers. Streamlined processes help create the best performing players in the beverage industry and this is where a state-of-the-art brewery management solution comes in.


Don’t fall behind the curve

With a brewery management solution, you’ll get efficient and automated business processes and insight into key data across your entire value chain, and thereby increased productivity and profit margins. The right brewery management solution can also help you handle everything from excess inventory and waste, to low inventory ratio due to high levels of stock, inadequate pricing and discounts management, difficulties in meeting the ever-changing regulations and lack of sufficient business insight and increasing difficulties in handling the growing complexity of the supply chain – and much more.  Few industries are more reliant on a lean, cohesive and transparent value chain than the beverage industry.

How the right technology can enhance your business

You can sum up the benefits of a beverage management solution in four areas:

1. Automating, standardizing and boosting your processes

The right solution helps you harmonize and standardize your business processes, making them more transparent and efficient.

2. Better management through transparency

The right solution provides a transparent insight into the company’s growth drivers through analysis and reporting, which in turn ensures the optimal management of your brewery.

3. Making it easy to scale as you grow

Who says that your business needs will stay the same forever? A state-of-the-art brewery management solution is flexible and scalable to a degree that it will embrace whatever change you will make – including scaling your existing business for growth or supporting internationalization of your business.

4. Getting there quicker

Replacing your old systems can be a daunting task. But you can save a lot of time and headaches by selecting a standard state-of-the-art brewery management solution, which is typically faster and easier to implement.


Power your business

With Drink-IT you can tie your value chain into one seamless, simple and efficient workflow that powers your business and empowers you to make the right decisions. Drink-IT will provide new, valuable real-time business insight enabling you to monitor business processes from every possible angle, and increase business performance and accuracy in your decision-making.


Next step to increase productivity and agility

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