This is how you solve 5 common warehouse management problems

Drink-IT Online Warehouse Management has all the tools and standardized processes to get ahead of your warehouse problems.

Warehouses, from breweries to beverage wholesalers, all are subject to a rapid and dynamic environment. Flexible and scalable policy processes are certainly not unnecessary measures. But, from day-to-day tasks to structural issues, Warehouse Management can sometimes seem like a maze filled with obstacles. Thanks to our Drink-IT solution, you won't get caught up in these 5 Warehouse Management problems.

1. Your warehouse, the start of failure or success

Do you want to run your warehouse like a well-oiled machine? Then efficient use of space is an undeniable success factor. Doing more with less is the key message in warehouse management. However, too little space can lead to structural obstacles that make life difficult for you, or even miss out on profits. The biggest concern for warehouse managers is therefore an unsuitable warehouse design.

Solution: Optimal use of available space can be achieved in two ways. Optimizing the layout and setting up error-free stock management. An ideal layout maximizes both horizontal and vertical space. This allows for easy use of equipment and increased efficiency of personnel. In short, the goods must be accessible, and the staff must be able to work in complete safety. Your stock management also optimizes the space in your warehouse and information systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 are an indispensable key to success.

2. Don’t lose to redundant processes

Less is more, and that certainly applies to Warehouse Management. Warehouse workers daily pass on multiple tickets a day and to different people. This is often superfluous, especially if you want to optimize your warehouse management. While some procedures are necessary due to the nature of the product, they are very time consuming, put enormous pressure on staff and increase labour costs.

Solution: Thoroughly clean up procedures and remove unnecessary steps in the process. This way you make your procedures agile and flexible again, and you increase your margins. Technology also does not let you down and offers many innovative solutions. The use of (integrated) barcode technology streamlines your entire warehouse process and maximizes the use of resources. In other words, if you want to achieve optimal results, an automated information system is that little extra luxury you need.

Looking for a specific solution? Drink-IT Online Warehouse Management, simplifies numerous processes. The wireless connection between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Drink-IT Online Warehouse Management ensures that your goods, pickings, shipments are registered here-and-now, regardless of where you are. Our Drink-IT solution includes a large number of features that streamline warehouse workflows. In short, you have an error-free overview of your goods, and all associated product information based on article or serial number, within reach for everyone within your company.

3. A correct picking strategy, a real must!

Picking is definitely a bottleneck in warehouse management, the cause of many daily difficulties. A picking strategy that does not suit your company can prevent you from achieving desired results. You can improve your operational efficiency simply by reviewing your order picking process.

Solution: “Efficient order picking”, what exactly is that? A good strategy is based on minimizing picking time and maximizing the number of units picked. Warehouse automation will undoubtedly help to achieve this. Just think of radio frequency and voice-controlled systems, automation for data processing/stock management, real-time information systems and standardization of processes.

4. Quality control, no longer a concern

Quality control, it's a full-time job, but it is not always viewed that way in warehouse management. A misunderstanding that results in concerns with staff, errors and therefore costs. In many cases, warehouse employees are given the task of taking care of quality control, picking and packaging, as well as shipping items. Too much to function like a well-oiled machine. A shame, because correctly implemented quality control improves the stock rotation and reduces the manual processing of articles, which is not exactly unimportant.

Solution: A separate level of quality control creates smooth stock management, avoids problems and increases the efficiency of your staff. Daily stock problems can thus be solved in a structured manner with assignable liability.

5. Is your inventory ready for the unexpected?

If your stock isn’t properly managed, it’s already a bad start for the remaining order process. An inaccurate or outdated stock quickly leads to picking problems, reduced productivity, higher costs and therefore less profit. Moreover, fluctuations in demand are also a real challenge in Warehouse Management. Whether demand fluctuates due to a financial crisis, a pandemic or seasonality, your stock must follow. Although it seems better to always be ready for the unexpected.

Solution: The more accurate your information, the better your inventory policy, and therefore the subsequent steps in the process. Automated systems provide real-time and also accurate information about stock levels and are therefore crucial for the efficient operation of your warehouse.

Optimize your Warehouse Management and better manage your inventory and logistics! The ultimate Drink-IT solution for your warehouse management is simple: 

  • Digitize and optimize your stock management.
  • Replace manual procedures to optimize your profits.
  • Get a better overview and transform your warehouse and logistics with turnkey solutions.

Drink-IT Online Warehouse Management has all the tools and standardized processes to prevent you from coming face to face with any of the obstacles above.

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