Time for PIM? 4 signs that you cannot overlook.

If you have many products, or if you use many channels, it can be expensive to wait for a PIM solution that effectively collects all product information in one system. We have listed 4 signals that show you are ready for PIM.

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Do you recognize this?

  1. It’s difficult to have an overview. Your product data is processed via e-mail, spreadsheets, portals and Word documents, but it lacks a general overview. Your product data is spread over many different systems and you spend way too much time finding the latest version of specific product data.
  2. There are errors in your product data and it is difficult to update and maintain data in different systems. This makes it difficult to guarantee high data quality and consistency.
  3. You want to expand your beverages range and sell them through multiple channels, but distributing data across different sales channels is cumbersome and time-consuming.
  4. Your ERP system has reached its limit. The system has been adapted to your needs, but has now reached a critical point where the system is "infected" with too much data. Which makes it hard to keep up.

Do you recognize some of these problems? Then it's probably time to consider a PIM solution for your beverage business.

What is a PIM system?

PIM stands for Product Information Management and this solution combines all product information into one system, so you always have "one source of truth". Thanks to PIM you get a product database that connects your ERP system with all other channels that contain data. This means that you get one system where you can update your data and easily export changes to all sales channels and other places where they would be used, such as your webshop, online market places, catalogs, price lists, Excel files, menus, etc.

The solution simplifies the workflow and creates an overview of all your product data. At the same time it ensures high data quality and consistency between channels. The implantation is very user-friendly and the data in PIM can be used immediately in other applications.

You create one platform to update your product information. You can easily add your images, videos and certificates for every product and this in various languages. For example in the distribution of wine, monitoring the certifications can be quite extensive. With the help of PIM it takes less time to update all the products with the legitimate documentation.

Integration is crucial

It is crucial that your PIM solution is integrated into your ERP system, so that the fundamentals are based on data from the ERP system. With a strong PIM solution you can also divide transaction data and channel data, so that the ERP system can do what it does best: process transaction data. While the PIM solution processes the data regarding marketing and sales channels. This way you do not "contaminate" your ERP system with unnecessary data.

Why include PIM as a strategic advantage in your beverage business?

Managing your product data has many advantages. In addition to the clear benefits for the commercial departments, simpler workflows and overview, others experience an increase in sales and a much faster time-to-market.

High data quality has never been so important in a connected, digital world. Fewer errors in your product data also result in fewer questions from confused customers - and fewer missed opportunities. If implemented properly, PIM will create value for the entire company.

We have a lot of experience with PIM and would like to let you benefit from this.


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