Top trends in the beer market from International Beer Strategies Conference 2018 in London

The International Beer Strategies Conference 2018 is coming up on 8-10 May 2018 in London. The event is packed with world-leading insight to the world of beer. The team behind the event has also highlighted some of the top trends in the beer market right now, which will be the focus of the conference.

International Beer Conference Strategies Conference 2018 in London

3 Beer Trends to Stay on Top of the Beer Market

With the increasing development of craft beer and the premiumization effect, the traditional beer market has been hugely affected to the point of having declining sales numbers. Nevertheless, some companies have been investing in product development and have also realised that the consumer consumption habits and desires have changed a lot in the past years with the arrival of the digital era and the social media. This transformation is the reason for companies to discover the new consuming trends in the beer market.

  1. Drinking as part of an experience
    Consumers are more likely to consume alcohol while travelling to a different destination or as part of a relaxing and joyful holiday. Some breweries have taken this concept and have adapted their brand to offer a travelling experience with a brewery tour, a unique way to introduce new customers to the brand and to give it a social media presence.
  2. Pairing food and beer
    As food and wine, people are starting to play with beer and food pairing, which has been a really big trend for the past year and will continue to attract more and more people. This trend offers an enjoyable and fun experience; it is also a way of introducing people that don’t usually drink beer to try a product.
  3. Flavour and intensity of the beer
    People are more and more receptive to trying different flavours of the beer. The craft beer category was built on the concept of giving people a more authentic product that plays with the intensity and flavours of the ingredients. But, companies are also producing different types of beverages like 0% beer or beers with a sweeter taste than regular beer to widen the appeal. They are also trying to market their product to the millennial generation and are lowering ABV and offering it as an alternative to a soft drink.

    With all these changes, it has become more important to understand and learn about the consumer trends, the new challenges and main issues that the entire industry is facing.


3 Approaches to Increase Sales in the Beer Market

Over the past decade, the beer industry has been experiencing many changes that have transformed the traditional sector into a more consumer-friendly. The success of some products like the craft beer category is now challenging the big breweries to change their ways and find new forms to attract the buyer.

  1. Portfolio diversification
    The impact of the massive competition in the beer market has now started a massive transformation in investments. The big breweries are now more aware of the success that diversification will bring to them and are putting their money on categories like craft, 0% beer, low ABV beer and even marijuana.
  2. Digitalisation and distribution strategies
    As a new channel for growth, beer companies can use it to get their product reach new customers. With the implementation of e-commerce strategies, it also facilitates the buying process for the consumer. And although the beer industry is confessed to being a few years behind on the digital revolution, the space for growth can be enormous.

    Although e-commerce can be a distribution strategy, we want you to think in the strategies to reach the people who are not searching your product. Some strategies are now including experiences like beer tours where the consumer understands the history of the brand and the character of the product. There are also strategies that involve working alongside pubs and bars to offer dining experiences and pairing beer and food.
  3. Embrace your community and position your brand
    Being part of a community can work as a differentiation strategy. The origins of a company are part of the brand and can make a crafted product more attractive to the eyes of the consumer. Working with local distributors and local producers will get you a stronger image and the platform to effectively position your local brand.

If you are involved in the beer industry and you are looking to stay ahead of the market, save your place for the 20th anniversary of the International Beer Strategies Conference from the 8th to the 10th May 2018.