Why Drink-IT makes your company spark to its full potential

Get a valuable competitor advantage. Drink-IT brings operational excellence to your company with an all-in-one, fully integrated beverage business solution, delivering everything you need to optimise your processes.

Do you want to run your business like the best and get a valuable competitor advantage? With over twenty years of experience and with experienced consultants on our team, we bring operational excellence to your company. Drink-IT is an all-in-one, fully integrated beverage management solution, delivering everything you need to optimise your entire value chain.

Benefits to make your entire value chain spark with potential

Financial Management

A company revolves around its products, but you must never forget to look at the bigger picture. This is of course financial, but also one of the biggest bottlenecks of a company. Financial data may be a lot to process or keep track of, making quick and easy analysis are difficult or near impossible. Drink-IT simplifies and automates your finance management, bookkeeping, invoices and accounts payable processes. Not only that, but it also optimises your handling of taxes, discounts, deposits, and promotions, and recalculates your commercial agreements with your business partners. Accordingly, you will be able to see that bigger picture which is so very important for your company's growth and get a valuable financial overview that’s easy to read.

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Marketing & sales

No matter how good your product may taste, you need people and a sales and marketing mechanism to get it where it needs to be. Drink-IT improves your customer engagement in every stage of the customer journey from loyalty management to mobile sales and telesales.

Even real-time marketing to enhance your email strategy and other digital marketing activities become possible with Drink-IT. Individual and custom marketing is taking over the world at a high-speed rate, so you better jump on the wagon and make sure your customers are targeted in a personalised way, increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty across all channels. 

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Warehouse & Distribution

Drink-IT integrates and streamlines your warehouse and distribution processes in one “information hub”, delivering accurate and real-time information. You can manage and coordinate your transportation for optimal vehicle deployment and monitor movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty within the EU.

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Purchase & Inventory Management

Inventory, it’s one of the biggest challenges for any company, especially for breweries that have to act upon fluctuating demands, often due to weather changes or influences from the event sector. Drink-IT Purchase and Inventory solves this issue. How? The answer is simple, by streamlining purchase and payment processes and optimising your inventory management. This way you always have real-time and accurate inventory data and can act upon changing demands. Its biggest result is that accurate inventory management causes to spend less and optimise costs. You can also save time by integrating all your purchase and inventory processes. 

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Production & Quality Management

Drink-IT provides a clear and updated overview, allowing you to tap into critical points or factors during production. With brewing expertise built-in, Drink-IT intelligently optimises your manufacturing and quality processes to fit the needs of your brewery. The result? Success!

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Contract Management

Drink-IT Contract Management simplifies your daily workflow by bringing all your contracts together in a single, easily accessible platform. Now you can fully focus on managing all kinds of contracts, - from sales volumes and loans to loaned materials like draft installations and refrigerators.

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Company-wide benefits

Data & new insights

Data is knowledge and is a driving source behind any company, no matter how big its size. Drink-IT converts raw meaningless data into valuable knowledge and presents it to the right decision-makers whenever they need it through intelligent dashboards. Let’s keep going… Better decisions mean better financial numbers, which are again important data. Let’s keep the circle going even more and we have a fast-growing company as a result. Why? Insightful data helps you to understand what drives your customers and sales. Let's start growing your bottom line through outstanding business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

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Fast implementation

Drink-IT ensures an efficient and risk-free implementation method, allowing you to benefit from fast results.

Flexible solution

Drink-IT can be implemented in any way that’s suitable for your company and complies with your exact needs such as single-instance implementation, multi-instance implementations and a hub-and-spoke implementation strategy, as a SaaS solution or on-premise. Whatever it takes to make your company spark!

Durability and dedication

Choosing for Drink-IT is opting for a durable solution that never runs out of options or gets outdated. Drink-IT is based on the world’s strongest business platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We always place a long-term focus on continuous research, product development and support with knowledge and expertise.

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