Omer Vander Ghinste is a family brewery business, operating in its fifth generation. Since 1892, the Vander Ghinste family has proudly made brewing beer their core business. They brew quality beers according to authentic recipes, using traditional methods but employing state-of-the-art techniques.

Drink-IT is a reliable partner for ERP in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tailored to the specific requirements of the beverage industry and breweries, and we would definitely recommend them to our industry colleagues.”

Nico Nimmegeers – CFO Omer Vander Ghinste.

Omer Vander Ghinste embraces Drink-IT

From horse and carriage to global awards

In 1982, their first own-brewed beer “Ouden Tripel” was distributed with the help of horse and carriage, today their multi-brand brewery doesn’t stop growing globally. They can even say their beer “Tripple LeFort” won "Best Triple worldwide" in 2018. To support this intense growth, the need for an ERP solution became evident.

They were looking for a solution that could not only support expansion in a controlled environment but was also equipped with features specifically designed for the beverage industry. In addition, they were looking for a solution that would support data sharing across their different departments with each of their responsibilities. Their new ERP solution also had to include track and trace capabilities to, for example, guard the quality of their products.

Omer Vander Ghinste went ahead and searched for a partner that would answer all their industry-specific needs and found Drink-IT to implement the industry-specific solution at their brewery. 


Results across all departments 

One of the biggest challenges in their operations, and for Drink-IT to solve, was to guarantee smooth data sharing across all departments to improve collaboration. The implementation of Drink-IT didn’t only imply advantages for activities between the departments but also for all the departments themselves.

Logistics and inventory used to lose a lot of time searching for products, not knowing where they were in the supply chain, including handling a lot of information on paper. Now, thanks to ERP, they save time throughout the entire logistic process. From inventory to distribution and everything in between. Drink-IT is used to optimise their inventory management and help to manage and pick orders, by pulling and storing all information in a centralised database. This ensures all information is correct, real-time, and 100% accessible online and in the portable app.   


Specific for the beverage industry is quality control. For Omer Vander Ghinste department guarding of the quality of their products it was important to gather all data in one platform. One of the main challenges here, was ensuring that everyone in that department was able to work with and become familiar with the new system to perform for their daily tasks. Not only was Drink-IT easy to use which ensured a fast and easy transition to the system, using the software also increased quality awareness with the department’s employees. One of their most tedious and time-consuming tasks, being releasing fermentation beers to the market, now became and automated process, saving quality control from the hassle of releasing it manually, including all additions tasks. 




Raising our glass to this collaboration 

To ensure success, our consultants included all important key users across all departments in the implementation process. Our experienced consultants are very aware of all the challenges concerning the beverage industry, therefore knowing how to act upon them and solve common challenges. Hence, they were mindful of Omer Vander Ghinste’s core business and all other surrounding activities. The start of the project in collaboration with our consultants, including the aftercare through our help desk ran smoothly and together we were able to overcome the challenges the brewery faced.    


To conclude, we can safely say it was a pleasure to work with this fifth-generation family-run brewery that has grown astronomically in the most recent years and are happy to contribute with the help of Drink-IT to even more growth in the future.