About Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard was created in 1975 through the link-up of two French anise-based spirits companies: Pernod, which was founded in 1805, and Ricard, founded by Paul Ricard in 1932. It was an expansion driven by entrepreneurial, passionate and visionary people.

In 2015, Pernod Ricard celebrated its 40th anniversary. Since it was created, the Group has experienced ongoing growth and has significantly accelerated its development in the last ten years through major acquisitions. Today, Pernod Ricard is the world’s co-leader in the wine and spirits industry. 

Pernod Ricard has more than 18,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 85 affiliates and 100 production sites. Pernod Ricard has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation.

Decentralisation is the founding principle behind the Group’s organisation. Its equilibrium depends on a continuous dialogue between the brand companies and the market companies, coordinated by the headquarters who define the major strategic guidelines.

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Standardising processes across 44 markets requires a proven beverage business solution

Pernod Ricard group has a large portfolio of local and international wine, spirits and champagne brands, such as Havana, Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka, Ricard, Ballantine’s, Martell, Mumm Champagne and Jacob’s Creek Australian wine.

Pernod Ricard Products

Replaced ten IT systems with a single solution

Pernod Ricard EMEA operates in 44 markets with different languages and regulations. They were using ten different IT systems, which meant that it was difficult for them to standardise their processes.

To tackle these challenges, Pernod Ricard EMEA chose Drink-IT – a cost-effective and easy-to-use business software solution designed specifically for the beverage industry and built on best practice.

By implementing the Drink-IT solution from NORRIQ, the beverage company managed to replace its ten different IT systems with a single solution that enabled the company to standardise their business processes across their EMEA markets, cope with different regulations from country to country, and work more effectively across all their markets.

Achieved a competitive advantage 

Having an operational competitive advantage across markets has become a priority for Pernod Ricard, and in using Drink-IT to centrally manage, harmonise and standardise the company's business processes, they have been able to achieve this. 

Drink-IT has enabled them to make their processes more transparent and efficient, while at the same time taking account of various differences between the EMEA markets.

In addition, Pernod Ricard benefits from the built-in best practices that seamlessly integrate and optimise the company's entire value chain – enabling transparency and better control of the different processes, from purchasing and inventory, to sales and financial reporting.

Another important benefit for Pernod Ricard is having clear insight into its EMEA business through easy access to data in a single solution. This ensures increased internal control and provides the optimal management of the company.

With Drink-IT’s discount management tools, Pernod Ricard can efficiently handle everything from one-off and temporary discounts, to permanent discounts or promotions for customer groups or specific customers. It also lets the company track the results of discounts, promotional activities and much more.

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