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How Mack Brewery transformed into an international state-of-the-art beverage company

Many breweries are looking for new ways to overcome current challenges such as falling consumer demands, increasing competitive products, heightened requirements by retailers and consumers, and tougher market conditions. Are you there yet? The Mack Brewery is, standing stronger than ever.

Join this webinar to learn how Mack Brewery made beverage a better business despite the challenging market situation. Peter Calleeuw, Supply Director, Mack Brewery, will share his insights and take you behind the scenes of the concerns and decisions that have led to Mack´s remarkable success. A fierce focus on bringing costs down and quality up through a transformation using state of the art brewery management solution to track the progress of their business improvements has been pivotal to their success.

Discover how the Mack Brewery in record time became a more effective and profitable company by:

  • Building a new, modern greenfield factory
  • Accomplishing a comprehensive internal reorganization
  • Keeping a relentless focus on operational excellence
  • Investing in a full-cover brewery management solution
  • Changing all products to ‘one-way’ packaging and changing the distribution flow

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