Why your beverage business cannot do without intelligent ERP systems, 5 reasons

Beverage businesses with a clear view on the future and an intelligent long-term approach opt for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Why? Why not…

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Both advanced production and line production benefit from using ERP solutions… To structure information flow and get a clear overview of the product flow, but so much more. These five reasons will tell you why ERP systems are essential for your business.

1 – One system, one overview, one solution

Have you lost the overview of processes and departments within your company? An ERP solution makes sure to bundle all information from all departments in one place. This simplifies gaining insights, from production, purchase and delivery to invoicing. In addition, your employees always have the necessary and, more importantly, correct information at their disposal to efficiently do their job.

2 – This is how you optimize production and reduce costs!

Streamlining business and production processes is an absolute must for all beverage businesses.

 Automating daily tasks and gaining insight into weak spots in the production flow is just the icing on the cake. Activities with known bottlenecks, but also daily tasks will take less time than before. Because, an optimized workflow leads to more productivity and efficiency, of both your processes and employees. When you say more efficiency, you also say cost savings. Tasks which suddenly require less time and effort thanks to an ERP solution will therefore resolutely reduce your operating costs.

3 – Stock management with minimum delivery times

Insight, perfectly describes ERP in a single word. For example, insight in your stock management. The more you know, the more you can do, and as a result, your stock management runs smoothly. Unexpectedly having to deal with shortages or an abundance of products is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to ERP, you can organize your production as efficiently as possible and minimize delivery times. Tracking goods and even empty goods has also never been easier. Thanks to the transparent overview, you can precisely track all goods based on serial number, lot number or at batch level. ERP solutions created especially for your beverage business create cohesion between planning and production and streamline your business from A to Z.

4 – Communication, finally simplified

Communication between different departments does not always come without challenges. Everyone is busy with what matters most to their department, and information must reach the right people quickly to keep your company running smoothly. Thanks to ERP, the impatient wait for crucial information is past tense. The right person has access to up-to-date information at all times, through a straightforward flow of data. The result? An unprecedented collaboration. Your company is finally one smoothly running train!

5 – All departments benefit

Departments can at last effortlessly work together, so far is clear, but there is more… An ERP system not only streamlines your production department, but also all other departments such as sales, marketing and your accounting. Optimize your sales and marketing processes, build lasting customer relationships, manage commissions and even receive EDI orders through your website by integrating your e-commerce platform, in a matter of a few clicks. Your accounting department is not forgotten either. An ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also ensures optimal financial management. Thanks to the large collection of data, time and materials, you save time and create an error-free basis for salary and subsequent calculations. Moreover, thanks to the many analyses, and other forecasting, you can finally strengthen the business foundations of your company.


In a nutshell, more efficiency, more productivity, with insight into your activities and results, that requires an ERP solution. Would you like to learn more about Microsoft Business Central for manufacturing companies? The system that streamlines your production processes without any worries. Request an appointment with one of our Drink-IT specialists.


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