10 hidden Drink-IT features that will make your life easier

Do we still need to convince you that a digital transformation, led by Drink-IT, will benefit your beverage company? We’ll give you 10 advantages you’ll definitely experience when choosing Drink-IT as your IT partner. If you’re still doubting after these 10 points, give us your contact information and someone from our team can give you even more benefits!

Work from home

1 Time is money  

All the time that you will save by automating and digitalizing your value chain. Can you imagine? Not putting in data in your Excel file by hand, no more checking your stock in person before approving an order or even keeping track of all your tickets and receipts for the finance department! With Drink-IT a lot of time-consuming tasks will just disappear because the system is there to help you and save a lot of time! So, you have time to focus on your business. 

2 Experience is key 

With Drink-IT, you choose for a partner with a lot of experience in setting up a system, implementing it and even servicing afterwards. Because of our background in large beverage business, we can help with a big project. But we can also implement that mindset to small firms. Want to know more about our customers? Read our Customer stories, we’re immensely proud of their experiences! 

3 Data becomes crystal clear 

Data transparency is a must in today’s business world. It makes working with customers a lot easier and will benefit your profits! When you have a clear overview of your data, business decisions are easier to make since you can make them based on clear facts. Also, the possibility of using your data on any device, wherever you are, is a true asset in a world where working from home is common. 

4 Fewer mistakes 

Manual work is in the hands of people and like everybody knows – no one is perfect! So, mistakes will happen inevitably. But when you take out manual work where possible, the number of errors will decrease.  

5 Processes become a piece of cake 

Easily setting up a process, can you imagine the comfort that will bring to you and your colleagues? With Drink-IT, also adapting your processes will become easier. This will lead to number 4 in our list: Fewer mistakes! 

6 Not enough with the basics 

Good news: we have add-ons! Thanks to our extensive experience, we have set up a system that works for 80% of the needed requirements. But of course, if your business is in need of specific functions, Drink-IT already has a wide range of possible add-ons. We also have the power to produce new systems where needed. 

7 An environment that everybody knows 

Who hasn’t worked with Microsoft Word or Excel? Drink-IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner and our systems are based on the Microsoft platform. This makes implementation time a lot shorter since employees will already be familiar in this environment. And as Microsoft is a top-shelf product, you can be sure about the quality and performance. 

8 A connected business 

With full integration of data and information, all departments benefit on their own but as well as a complete business. Since every department has insights into the other departments with just one point of information. This way, for example, the finance team knows what leads the sales team is working on, creating a connected team. As well for management, this gives a lot of insight into every part of the company, making the decision-making process a lot easier. 

9 More opportunities for leads 

A system that tracks all your customer, marketing and sales information in a single, integrated system? That leads to not only a better understanding of your customers but gives your sales a boost as well!  

10 A partner that CARES 

We are not the partner to just set up and implement a system and then you’ll never hear us again. Even after the implementation, you can count on our CARE team, or as we call them the lifesavers! You can count on them for questions, workshops, help where needed, … They are there to give you peace of mind! 


Choosing a partner for your IT strategy, digital transformation and/or a complete automation for your value chain can be a long search. But choosing for Drink-IT, makes it a lot easier. We have given you some insights on what you can expect from our solution and us as a trusted partner. If you are not yet convinced, our in-house experts are happy to show you the immense value of Drink-IT for your business. Just reach out and they will answer all your questions!