Einbecker favors Drink-IT as their brewery-specific solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was highly appreciated by the users, so the Einbecker Brauhaus was looking for a solution that was again based on NAV, now called Business Central. This was not only to replace the old environment, but also to optimise financial management and reporting. Drink-IT covers all functions important to the industry.


Drink-IT helps Robinsons work smarter, not harder

Robinsons Brewery is a company with a long history, having been brewing traditional draught beer since 1838. Today, the business has transitioned into being one of the most advanced breweries in the UK, and Drink-IT has been an essential part of the transition.


Brouwerij Roman built a better business with Drink-IT

Brouwerij Roman asked themselves: Do we want to live with the risks and the challenges of an unsupported and bespoke IT-system or do we go for a standardized modern beverage software business solution? With Drink-IT they've got a powerful standard ERP-solution that has increased both the brewery's efficiency and its competitiveness.

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