What is the importance of B2B eCommerce during Covid-19?

The importance of eCommerce became clear during the corona crisis. Is your beverage business ready for this online tool? Where eCommerce used to be a trend, is now turning into a must-have. The need for an online shop grew as rapidly as the pandemic of covid-19.

Store closed because of pandemic | Covid-19

All of a sudden, it became clear that normal inhouse shopping is fragile and businesses were looking for an online solution. In just two months the acceleration of the importance of eCommerce became clear, with 87% of organizations now putting eCommerce at the centre of their digital transformation.  

But did you know only 56% of companies in the food and beverage industry had an eCommerce presence at the beginning of 2020? They, of course, had a jump start when the coronavirus and lockdown came into our lives. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for additional players. Keep in mind your goals if you’re going to take this step! If you have no clear goals (long- and short-term) your online shop will quickly become counterintuitive. So, at first, make your key performance indicators (KPIs) very clear but realistic. And if you choose to make these goals, make sure you’re doing it the right way. Especially with the challenges that come with the beverage industry, a partner with the right knowledge is crucial. 

Integration is key 

If you want success with B2B eCommerce, you must ensure integration into your ERP system. It can be tempting to choose one of the many eCommerce solutions on the market and get it connected to your ERP solution with interfaces. But intelligent eCommerce requires real integration. Does your beverage company already have an ERP solution like Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central? Then you already have an amazing tool to start with. This system already helps your business processes run smoothly, but it can do even more: improve your market position. 

Make it easy with automated processes 

With an integrated eCommerce solution, a lot of things get easier. For example, you can reuse your existing sales, storage, empty goods and billing processes. But also, the advantage that all your data and information is stored into one system that you have to maintain. With an integrated system, you can automate all your business processes, for example your orders from the online shop are automatically transferred to your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, which then forms order confirmation, invoicing, etc. Increase efficiency and lower your costs with an automatic system that fits your needs. 

Get more leads thanks to new Marketing opportunities 

With an optimized online shop, you receive data from your customers. Your online shop can utilize this data to improve your marketing strategy. You can work with personalized content and bottom-line campaigns. Discover all the benefits of an effective, automated email marketing campaign with an integrated eCommerce solution.

The next step with PIM 

By integrating the online shop with your ERP processes, you can manage prices and discounts in the ERP system, saving you a lot of time because you receive automated processes for orders, inventory, invoicing and logistics via online shops and ERP systems. And if you want to take the next step, you can also ensure integration into a PIM system, you ensure that all product information, such as descriptions, photos, and prices are always correct and up-to-date in your online store.

Don't forget about the agility of your website 

Speed of your online store is a crucial parameter. If you think your online store could be faster, don't hesitate to do something about it. Customers do not have time to wait for your photos, videos, variants, prices, etc to load. The same goes for Google. You will be punished in the rankings if your online shop is not running optimally! 

There is more to eCommerce than beautiful design - choose the right partner and fulfil your potential. With Drink-IT you are ensured with the right knowledge in the beverage market. The importance of understanding this business is undeniable, especially for outlining your objectives and the understanding of internal processes.


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