Drink-IT: meet its many facets and empowering benefits

Drink-IT addresses all the unique challenges beverage producers and distributors face. It’s many facets, all combining the power of automation and innovation to streamline your processes, make it an easy-to-use beverage industry solution. Explore all of its different facets to meet your specific needs.

What is SaaS? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a means of delivering service through the Internet. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you just access it through the Internet, removing the need for complex software and device maintenance. 
SaaS programs are also known as web-based software, on-demand software, and hosted software. SaaS apps are hosted on a SaaS provider's servers, which manage application access, including security, availability, and performance.

What is Drink-IT SaaS? 

Drink-IT helps ambitious and inventive beverage companies, big or small, that focus on capturing growth to enhance their productivity and increase their profit. Drink-IT, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is an all-in-one, user-friendly beverage solution, covering your entire value chain. The solution simplifies your business, improves the efficiency of your procedures, and increases the profitability of your company. Unlike many other ERP packages, Drink-IT is specifically designed to assist beverage businesses, meeting their specific demands.
With Drink-IT, beverage companies are able to make efficient and informed decisions, increasing efficiency, managing compliance, and increasing profitability by combining financials, sales, CRM, inventory, and operations into a single package.

Why choose Drink-IT

  • All-in-one, fully integrated beverage business solution
  • Brings operational excellence to your company.
  • Increase capacity, remove complexity, implement new processes and expand your business without adding additional resources.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Implementation time and budget become predictable
  • Supports all deployment strategies

Drink-IT in numbers 

  • More than 750 different beverages produced with the help of Drink-IT
  • 6500 daily users  
  • 4 languages (EN, FR, NL, DE)
  • Active in 50 countries 

Drink-IT Foundation

Drink-IT is a  user-friendly beverage industry software solution that handles all of the unique challenges that beverage producers and distributors encounter. 
Everything begins with a solid foundation upon which you can build to fulfil your personal needs. Drink-IT Foundation is an app that serves as a requirement for industry-specific apps, with simple yet effective features.
  • Registration and reporting Volume and Strength measurements including automatic synchronisation on the item card
  • Features such as ‘Collapse & Expand’ to document subpages and journals
  • Detailed logging for analysis purposes
  • Integrations between the industry apps are harmonised in the foundation app

Drink-IT Tax Management

Drink-IT Tax Management, which should be integrated into every contemporary beverage system, lets you handle tax-deferred goods when exporting via delimited warehouses. It enables you to manage local tax declarations, returns of products and tax reclaims, and general Tax statement Reports more efficiently. Tax Management also allows you to compute and report excises on all movements into and out of a bonded site, charge environmental taxes on sales or purchase documents, and treat excises on transfers and stock corrections, among other things.

Drink-IT Empty Good & Deposit Management

Kegs, CO2 tanks, bottles, crates, and pallets are the single highest expense for a beverage firm. Drink-IT Empty Goods & Deposit Management reduces expenses for your beverage company by handling high-value empties assets. 
Drink-IT Empty Goods & Deposit Management is simple to use and allows you to handle and process empties data, as well as analyse empties accounts and generate reports. You can also simply obtain empties statistics and other information. 
Drink-IT keeps track of returnable bottles, crates, kegs, and other items that may have a deposit value. The software program provides an overview of client balances per empty product or an overview of what is owed to your supplier, as well as the option to automatically generate separate invoices for full goods and deposits.
Read our blog about Empty Goods here

Drink-IT Sales & Purchase Conditions

Discount management is a crucial component of strong financial supply chain management in the beverage industry. It's also a useful tool for your sales office to issue completely automated sales orders. 
When organising discounts or promotional stunts, it's critical to keep track of the outcome. You can handle everything from one-time and temporary discounts to continuing discounts or promotions for customer groups or specific customers using Drink-IT Sales & Purchase Conditions. 
Drink-IT Sales & Purchase Conditions you can handle multiple and simultaneous discounts and promotions, as well as free items and automatic promotions, calculate your promotions by any parameter and keep detailed logging for analysis purposes. Long story short, with Drink-IT you profit from effective Discount Management.

Drink-IT Advanced Sales Management

Drink-IT allows you to track your customer, marketing, and sales data in a single, integrated system. Drink-IT Advanced Sales Management ensures that your sales staff has all of the information they need to seal the deal and increase your sales efficiency. 
Furthermore, you receive a 360° picture of the customer, supplier, and prospect interactions, such as prior orders, top goods for a customer, and pre-and backorders. Additionally, if your sales staff takes a proactive approach establishing calling lists becomes simple, including alerts when a discount, charge, or offer is in effect.  

Drink-IT Advanced Warehouse Management

Managing your company's warehousing and distribution is crucial to establishing a more efficient and consistent supply chain. Drink-IT Transportation Management makes it simple to plan transportation for your beverage company and move products more effectively, consistently, and economically. All while lowering freight costs and enhancing customer service and warehouse efficiency. 
Drink-IT's integrated online scanning system is one of its standout features. This gives faster and more precise information, leading to a variety of benefits. Greater warehousing and distribution efficiency is achieved by simpler SSCC pallet tracking, the elimination of data input mistakes, and significantly increased visibility.

Drink-IT Logistics

Transportation and logistics are always a concern for beverage companies. Drink-IT Logistics lets you effortlessly organise transportation and transfer products more efficiently, consistently, and affordably. All while cutting your freight expenses, enhancing customer service, and improving warehouse efficiency. You will be able to easily assign drivers and trucks, verify weight, volume, and delivery date limits, combine print of documents and automatically update shipment status, and record information for cost analysis.
When talking transportation, planning is one of the hardest tasks, one when done manually leads to errors. Improve your planning efficiency and make sure everything goes according to plan. Drink-IT optimises your planning by makes sure you get route proposals for optimised planning based on customer preferences and pre-set routes for each day of the week and automated route planning from Sales/Purchase/Returns/Transfers. 

Drink-IT Beverage Production

With Drink-manufacturing IT's capabilities, you can address problems such as unpredictable energy and raw material prices, complicated customer demands, and rising food safety and quality concerns. You can closely manage your business from raw material purchases through end-product packaging, control expiration dates, trace products and look ahead, and so on. In a nutshell, Drink-IT Beverage Production empowers you to increase productivity, and exchange production information that simplifies and automates your procurement and logistics operations.

Quality Management Control

When it comes to beverages, one of the most significant bottlenecks is quality control. Drink-IT Quality Management assists you in managing this bottleneck, including initial ingredient quality testing as part of the receiving or shipment process.

Drink-IT Event Management

Drink-IT’s services go far beyond the daily production process alone. The beverage and event industries go hand in hand, and it’s almost safe to say they depend on each other, therefore keeping track of event-related orders, is the key to success. Drink-IT Event Management integrates with Advanced Sales Management and enables you to keep a solid overview of those specific event-related orders or giveaways. 
One of the benefits is that it enables you to control event returns of your loan in use items, empty goods and allowed full goods so you always end up with a clean event invoice.

Drink-IT Contract Management

Do you want to easily create and manage contracts with pubs and outlets? Monitor each customer's compliance with agreed sales volumes and manage penalties and bonuses? With Drink-IT Contract management, this becomes perfectly possible. You can create, develop, and maintain contracts while saving time researching if your outlets or pubs are operating as expected, and handle everything from rental amounts to loaned goods. 
The benefits are evident: quick and easy contract creation and monitoring, managing everything in one place, and gaining complete visibility. 


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