The Norwegian MACK Brewery adds scanning to their Drink-IT solution

MACK Brewery has reduced errors and made every step in the process traceable. Furthermore this working method will benefit stock data - all thanks to Drink-IT´s integrated scanning solution.

Norwegian Brewery Mack

In 2010, MACK, the most northerly brewery in the world and one of Norway’s oldest implemented Drink-IT to standardize their business processes in one single application, from production, logistics to finance.

Back then, they were already looking forward to moving into their brand new factory in Nordkjosbotn which would offer increased capacity and where the goods would be stored and picked more quickly. MACK wanted to carry out that work in the most efficient manner and therefore decided to add the Drink-IT scanning solution with the integrated hand scanners.

The Integrated Scanning solution is now up and running at MACK. Both the picking and receiving as well as the put away and the output of the production are supported by the integrated hand scanners. With 2 receipt bins, 12 shipping bins, around 320 pick bins and functionalities such as an optimized picking route based on package type, this is certainly a state-of-the-art solution.

"We now reduce errors and every step in the process is traceable. Furthermore this working method will benefit stock data", explains Erik Larsson.

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