Drink-IT: SaaS and e-commerce explained

In this day and age, e-commerce becomes more and more important, and even almost unbeatable as opposed to its offline opponents. Cloud-based software providers luckily can help you to streamline your online operations.

Not only can cloud-based software providers can help you to streamline your online operations but also reduce overhead costs and help you grow your e-commerce business. But, apart from the above, there are many more benefits SaaS software offers to any e-commerce in any industry.

What are SaaS e-commerce Solutions?

As a pandemic rapidly changed customer behaviours, e-commerce companies have multiplied in numbers and have seen business figures skyrocket. Therefore, letting your company be assisted by the most customizable SaaS solutions is only beneficial. But what is SaaS? SaaS or Software as a Service offers a hosted cloud solution that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection, meaning you don’t need to install on property software/hardware.

SaaS technology may help your e-commerce business to find, acquire, and retain customers. In short, it makes sure you can focus on things that matter, for example, the customer lifetime value. It also makes it possible to manage tasks, ensures sales and marketing automation, high-level inventory management and loyalty programs. In the end, SaaS solutions allow you to summarize and perfect your data and operations throughout the entire customer journey.

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The benefits of using SaaS for your e-commerce  

Customizable to your specific needs

Many SaaS solutions are developed to grow with your company, and as e-commerce businesses grow faster than ever, it’s a huge advantage. As your company grows, you’re able to expand your SaaS solution and add additional services according to specific needs. It’s nice to know that your entire platform won’t have to be completely rebuilt the second you upscale. You can simply keep on adding new features and add-on functions.

Not only your SaaS solution is customizable, but also your products and pricing of your e-commerce goods. Which, especially in a B2B environment is an advantage. Your clients, when operating B2B, often need custom solutions and a lot of SaaS solutions enable you to accomplish just that.

SaaS platforms are unique and customizable solutions that offer more than basic shopping cart functionalities. You can benefit from prebuilt, customizable themes, product information management (PIM), marketing capabilities, and other functionalities.

Because of these features, new merchants can set up and run an online store very quickly as you don’t need your own IT team or extensive developer knowledge to run your business.

Easy to update

Because SaaS solution is Cloud-based, it’s easy to update and will often even update automatically. New releases need less time to process, and your systems won’t be disturbed. Therefore, being ready and up-to-date whenever you need it is, especially in an e-commerce context, a huge benefit.

Data is key, safe data a must

Want to streamline and automate process-related information? So, taking orders and gathering data becomes a piece of automated cake? Then, SaaS is a solution that makes managing data an effortless task. Think about invoice management, real-time product information, revenue reports, track and trace goods… All data is important if you want your e-commerce activities to run smoothly and grow.

If you engage in e-commerce, you must follow specific rules concerning data. As such, you must be PCI compliant to gather and store payment data. Your SaaS provider makes sure you meet those PCI compliance standards, and it’s their task to make sure your software can run without any security breaches. You can trust your service provider to handle this, and you’re your customers can trust you that their data is safe.

Easy Integration

Your SaaS platform won’t be the sole system you use to manage your business. You may use software such as Office and Power BI platforms. Finding a solution that is easy to integrate with third- or same-party providers, gives you the ease of use you needs to make your daily operations run smoothly. This also means you don’t have to rely on one system that might not meet your full expectations or just simply isn't able to grow with your activities. Integrating SaaS platforms with other software solutions only broaden the possibilities and offers you endless options.

Using SaaS for your e-commerce allows you to focus on what’s truly important, your team, data, managing, selling, and more importantly, growing. SaaS solutions will simplify your operations and allow you to upscale your company any time you want or the market demands.


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